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Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court – Progressive

In the May 19th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary one candidate stands out as the independent, progressive choice.

Independent-minded Linda Judson is not the choice of political party insiders or the product of back room deals. She is pro-choice and the only woman on the Commonwealth Court ballot recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

Linda Judson, raised in a Pittsburgh home of modest means by her widowed mother, became a Licensed Practical Nurse to support herself while she worked her way through college and law school. Now she is one of the most successful and respected women practicing law in Western Pennsylvania.

Linda is the recommended or endorsed by a host of the most respected independent, progressive and labor organizations throughout Pennsylvania including:

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Steel City Stonewall Democrats

Pennsylvania National Organization for Women PAC

14th Ward Independent Democratic Club

Philadelphia Black Clergy PAC

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania State Education Association —
Political Action Committee for Education

Allegheny County Labor Council

Teamsters Joint Council No. 40

Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters

Iron Workers Local No. 3

IBEW Local # 5

Central Labor Council — Indiana, Armstrong & Clarion Counties

United Mine Workers District 2 PAC

United Mine Workers of America

In the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary make an independent choice.

Vote for Linda Judson for Commonwealth Court Judge.

Please forward this eamil to other Pennsylvania Voters. Thank you for your support.

Paid for by Linda Judson for Judge

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Democrats – Let’s Start a Campaign

The Internet chatter lately has been about Congressman Joe Sestak replacing Senator Arlen Specter as Pennsylvania’s candidate for US Senate on the Democratic ticket in 2010.  Right now, this seems like a good idea.

Listen to what Congressman Sestak has to say here… and the link to his website can be found here

Pennsylvania voted for “Change” last November and so far, Specter has not voted for change.

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Announcement: Pike for PA 6th Congressional District

Gearing up for the primary season of 2010.  Democrat Doug Pike announces his intention to run for PA 6th Congressional District.

Democrat Doug Pike Announces for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th District

Doug Pike, a former Editorial Board member for The Philadelphia Inquirer, announced today that he is running to represent Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress.

“I am committed to listening to people and figuring out solutions that actually help,” said Pike. “I’m not a career politician. I won’t play political games.  I’m running for Congress to bring a renewed focus on the needs of everyday citizens; and to replace a partisan career politician who has failed the people time and again.”
“We need to shake up a political system that too often fails to hear our voices, let alone solve urgent problems,” Pike continued. “Even in this economic crisis, career politicians are still playing partisan games. They just don’t get it.  For more than 20 years, I’ve been writing about the most important issues facing this country and our community.  Now I want to use that experience to make change in Washington.”

“We are confronting the gravest economic challenge of our lifetime, in part because of the policies of George Bush and Jim Gerlach,” said Pike.  “Now, Republicans in Congress just say no to everything that President Obama suggests.  That won’t work.  We need leaders who can come together to get our economy moving again.  And we need to invest in clean energy technologies, infrastructure, health care, and other urgent needs.”

Pike, who lives in Lower Merion in Montgomery County, served on the Editorial Board of The Philadelphia Inquirer for 14 years.  He graduated with honors fromPrinceton University in 1971. Prior to his work at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pike served as a Special Assistant to Senator Paul Tsongas; he wrote speeches and issue summaries for the Senator. Pike has been involved with Greater Philadelphia Cares, and has worked with high school journalists through the Temple Press Tournament. He is currently a member of the International Visitors Council, the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the National Conference of Editorial Writers.

This District encompasses parts of Berks, Chester, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties.

Pike has also launched a campaign website today: <>
Let’s kick out Gerlach.  He voted AGAINST the people of PA 6th CD and against jobs for Pennsylvanians when he voted “no” to the President’s stimulus plan.  Pike is the change that we need.

Prothonotary Candidate – Berks County

What does a Prothonotary do?

The Prothonotary’s office serves a critical role in the county as it handles some of the most important legal documents people will ever need–judgments, civil actions, passports, and more–so the office of the Prothonotary must manage information efficiently and with care.

Charles Corbit is the Democratic candidate that Pennsylvania for Change endorses for Prothonotary for Berks County. To learn more about Charles Corbit, visit his website at:

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We will advertise instead…

This is interesting, “fear” is preventing a Philadelphia radio station, KYW-AM “news radio”, from airing this advertisement by the DCCC. In this case, money isn’t talking. It is fear that rules, unless maybe KYW-AM is getting some sort of “support” from the current representative of the PA 6th Congressional District. You know him as Republic Jim Gerlach.

The Philadelphia area advertisement will have Jim Gerlach’s name instead of Robin Hayes.

Vote Bob Roggio for PA 6th Congressional District. We need a change in Washington. It’s time for Bush supporter Jim Gerlach to retire from Congress and get a “real” job. Gerlach’s been living off the public money for way too long.

Just look at the economy and the price of gasoline. Jim Gerlach supported Bush’s poor economic policies. Are you better off today then you were in 2000? Did you have more “discretionary” funds in 2000 then you do today? The price of oil is going to have a HUGE impact this winter so start thinking about which room in your house you want to heat because heating the whole house may break your household budget. A vegetarian diet might also become appealing since beans are cheaper than meat and you will need more money to heat your house and to put gasoline in your car, just to get to work.

From the Daily Local

Bob Roggio for Congress.

Another little know fact about Jim Gerlach, he is one of the last Congressman to vote on ANY issue. He waits until he knows that his vote is “safe”. It’s a voting game that is played out in Washington DC all the time and Jim Gerlach is a master at this game. The real issue is exactly where does Jim Gerlach stand on anything? He’s all over the map on his voting record. He is spineless and has no real values or at least he isn’t sharing his real values with the voters.

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John McCain’s Military History – UPDATE


On May 29th, the New York Times had a front page article in which Secretary of the Navy John F. Lehman told Capt. John S. McCain III that he was going to be promoted to Admiral. John McCain claims that he chose a career in politics instead and retired from the Navy. This story is highly unlikely. It cannot be proved and as a matter of fact, it is more likely to be proven false.

From the Huffington Post – you can read the complete article here or the summary below.

John Lehman doesn’t figure in any accounts of McCain’s naval career, probably because Lehman was appointed Secretary of the Navy less than two months before McCain retired. The New York Times didn’t note this, or the pertinent fact that John Lehman is currently serving as National Security Adviser to McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Two admirals in the Times story confirmed Lehman’s claim, but for unknown reasons the Times, in violation of its own guidelines, accorded them off-the-record status that makes it impossible to assess their motives and credibility.

The New York Times’ front-page story about McCain declining promotion to admiral lacks credibility for other reasons as well. For example, McCain had been promoted to captain on August 1, 1979, so he wouldn’t have been due for another promotion by March of 1981.

Exactly what would we find in an official transcript of McCain’s military history?

All he needs to do is sign Standard Form 180, which authorizes the Navy to send an undeleted copy of McCain’s naval file to news organizations. A long paper trail about McCain’s pending promotion to admiral would be prominent in his file. To date, McCain’s advisers have released snippets from his file, but under constrained viewing circumstances. There’s no reason McCain’s full file shouldn’t be released immediately. In June 2005, seven months after he lost his bid for president, Senator John Kerry signed the 180 waiver, authorizing the release of his complete military service record to the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, and the Associated Press. ** Unlike Kerry, McCain shouldn’t wait until after the election to do so. The Navy may claim that it already released McCain’s record to the Associated Press on May 7, 2008 in response to the AP’s Freedom of Information Act request. But the McCain file the Navy released contained 19 pages — a two-page overview and 17 pages detailing Awards and Decorations. Each of these 17 pages is stamped with a number. These numbers range from 0069 to 0636. When arranged in ascending order, they precisely track the chronology of McCain’s career. It seems reasonable to ask the Navy whether there are at least 636 pages in McCain’s file, of which 617 weren’t released to the Associated Press.

So what happened to all those 617 pages that were not released? What information might these pages contain? McCain graduated in the bottom 1% of his class at Annapolis. That would put him in the same category as George W Bush and we have all experienced the incompetency of those who didn’t do so well in school and then take on leadership responsibilities. Not so good, at least for the average American and the rest of the world.

Now here’s some frightening information:

From day one in the Navy, McCain screwed-up again and again, only to be forgiven because his father and grandfather were four-star admirals. McCain’s sense of entitlement to privileged treatment bears an eerie resemblance to George W. Bush’s.

Despite his dismal performance, John McCain became a carrier pilot, the most highly competitive position among accomplished midshipmen.

After four abysmal academic years at Annapolis distinguished only by his misdeeds and malfeasance, no one with a record resembling McCain’s would have been offered such a prized career path. The justification for this and subsequent plum assignments should be documented in McCain’s naval file.

Robert Timberg wrote in his book titled McCain.


“[A]fter a European fling with the tobacco heiress, John McCain reported to flight school at Pensacola in August 1958…. [H]is performance was below par, at best good enough to get by. He liked flying, but didn’t love it. What he loved was the kick-the-tire, start-the-fire, scarf-in-the-wind life of a naval aviator. …One Saturday morning, as McCain was practicing landings, his engine quit and his plane plunged into Corpus Christi. Knocked unconscious by the impact, he came to as the plane settled to the bottom….McCain was an adequate pilot, but he had no patience for studying dry aviation manuals…. His professional growth, though reasonably steady, had its troubled moments. Flying too low over the Iberian Peninsula, he took out some power lines, which led to a spate of newspaper stories in which he was predictably identified as the son of an admiral…. [In 1965] he flew a trainer solo to Philadelphia for the Army-Navy game. Flying by way of Norfolk, he had just begun his descent over unpopulated tidal terrain when the engine died. ‘I’ve got a flameout,’ he radioed. He went through the standard relight procedures three times. At one thousand feet he ejected, landing on the deserted beach moments before the plane slammed into a clump of trees.”

John Karaagac, in his book title McCain had this to say:


“In his memoir, everything becomes a kind of game of adolescent brinksmanship, how much can one press the limits of the acceptable and elude the powers that be….The [fighter jocks’] ethos of exaggerated, almost aggressive sociability becomes an end in itself and an excuse for license. There is a tendency for people, not simply to believe their own mythology but, indeed, to exaggerate it…. Fighter jocks, like politicians around their campaign contributions, often press the limits of the acceptable. It is a type of mild corruption that takes place in a highly privileged atmosphere, where restraints are loosened and excuses made….McCain gives some hint in his memoirs about where he stood in the hierarchy among carrier flyers. Instead of the sleek and newer Phantoms and Crusaders, McCain flew the dependable Douglas A-4 Skyhawk in an attack, not a fighter squadron. He was thus on the lower end of the flying totem pole.”


It seems to me that John McCain has a history of recklessness just like George W Bush. As much as John McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, he really can’t get away from him. They are two peas in a pod with the exception that George W Bush didn’t drop his wife Laura for a “prettier” and “richer” model like John McCain did. I’ll post something about “until death do us part” at a later date.

UPDATE:  To read more about McCain’s political and military career, read this article in Rolling Stone.

Excerpt from the Rolling Stone article:

Sometimes 3 a.m. moments occur at 10:52 in the morning.

It was July 29th, 1967, a hot, gusty morning in the Gulf of Tonkin atop the four-acre flight deck of the supercarrier USS Forrestal. Perched in the cockpit of his A-4 Skyhawk, Lt. Cmdr. John McCain ticked nervously through his preflight checklist.

Now 30 years old, McCain was trying to live up to his father’s expectations, to finally be known as something other than the fuck-up grandson of one of the Navy’s greatest admirals. That morning, preparing for his sixth bombing run over North Vietnam, the graying pilot’s dreams of combat glory were beginning to seem within his reach.

Then, in an instant, the world around McCain erupted in flames. A six-foot-long Zuni rocket, inexplicably launched by an F-4 Phantom across the flight deck, ripped through the fuel tank of McCain’s aircraft. Hundreds of gallons of fuel splashed onto the deck and came ablaze. Then: Clank. Clank. Two 1,000-pound bombs dropped from under the belly of McCain’s stubby A-4, the Navy’s “Tinkertoy Bomber,” into the fire.

McCain, who knew more than most pilots about bailing out of a crippled aircraft, leapt forward out of the cockpit, swung himself down from the refueling probe protruding from the nose cone, rolled through the flames and ran to safety across the flight deck. Just then, one of his bombs “cooked off,” blowing a crater in the deck and incinerating the sailors who had rushed past McCain with hoses and fire extinguishers. McCain was stung by tiny bits of shrapnel in his legs and chest, but the wounds weren’t serious; his father would later report to friends that Johnny “came through without a scratch.”

The damage to the Forrestal was far more grievous: The explosion set off a chain reaction of bombs, creating a devastating inferno that would kill 134 of the carrier’s 5,000-man crew, injure 161 and threaten to sink the ship.

These are the moments that test men’s mettle. Where leaders are born. Leaders like . . . Lt. Cmdr. Herb Hope, pilot of the A-4 three planes down from McCain’s. Cornered by flames at the stern of the carrier, Hope hurled himself off the flight deck into a safety net and clambered into the hangar deck below, where the fire was spreading. According to an official Navy history of the fire, Hope then “gallantly took command of a firefighting team” that would help contain the conflagration and ultimately save the ship.

McCain displayed little of Hope’s valor. Although he would soon regale The New York Times with tales of the heroism of the brave enlisted men who “stayed to help the pilots fight the fire,” McCain took no part in dousing the flames himself. After going belowdecks and briefly helping sailors who were frantically trying to unload bombs from an elevator to the flight deck, McCain retreated to the safety of the “ready room,” where off-duty pilots spent their noncombat hours talking trash and playing poker. There, McCain watched the conflagration unfold on the room’s closed-circuit television — bearing distant witness to the valiant self-sacrifice of others who died trying to save the ship, pushing jets into the sea to keep their bombs from exploding on deck.

As the ship burned, McCain took a moment to mourn his misfortune; his combat career appeared to be going up in smoke. “This distressed me considerably,” he recalls in Faith of My Fathers. “I feared my ambitions were among the casualties in the calamity that had claimed the Forrestal.”

The fire blazed late into the night. The following morning, while oxygen-masked rescue workers toiled to recover bodies from the lower decks, McCain was making fast friends with R.W. “Johnny” Apple of The New York Times, who had arrived by helicopter to cover the deadliest Naval calamity since the Second World War. The son of admiralty surviving a near-death experience certainly made for good copy, and McCain colorfully recounted how he had saved his skin. But when Apple and other reporters left the ship, the story took an even stranger turn: McCain left with them. As the heroic crew of the Forrestal mourned its fallen brothers and the broken ship limped toward the Philippines for repairs, McCain zipped off to Saigon for what he recalls as “some welcome R&R.”

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Barack Obama and Campaign Financing

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Want to learn more about Barack Obama’s thought on campaign financing? Then visit his site by clicking here.

It’s time to fix the broken system. There are loopholes in the current system and the Republicans know how to use these loopholes… just ask John McCain. He knows because he already slipped through one of the loopholes during the Primary season.

By rejecting public financing, Barack Obama is saving the taxpayers money, the very thing that Republicans always preach about doing but never do.

The reason that this is an issue with McCain supporters is because John McCain is in financial trouble and may need to dip into the taxpayers money to help fund his campaign.

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Obama’s Has the Delegates…

According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama has the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. Read about it here on MSNBC. Sources within the Clinton campaign say that she is ready to acknowledge that Barack Obama has the necessary delegates. The rumors are that Hillary would consider the VP spot. Since there is no “runner-up” default for the VP position, Obama may spend some time researching who will best serve the nation and who will best balance the ticket in positions of strength.

Who do you think would be a good choice for Barack Obama’s running mate? How about some choices for Cabinet positions?

Will McBush pick Romney as his VP or will it be some other governor? We already know that McBush wants to appoint Phil Gramm, the lobbyist that pushed “Death Bonds”, read about it here… Secretary of the Treasury. If you thought the US Treasury has been raped and pillaged by the current Republican administration, wait until Phil Gramm gets a hold of it.

Okay – speak your mind… who are you choices and why?

UPDATE: The Centrist posted their list here

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DNC creates “McCain-pedia”

First there was Wikipedia, the on-line encyclopedia which can be edited by viewers. Now we have “McCain-pedia”. The new on-line source for information about John McCain. This on-line “pedia” cannot be edited by the public.

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It is run and managed by the DNC Communications, Research and Internet teams.

Check it out here

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McCain’s YouTube Nightmare

Thanks to Brave New Films… Share this with everyone you know.