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Obama’s Has the Delegates…

According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama has the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination. Read about it here on MSNBC. Sources within the Clinton campaign say that she is ready to acknowledge that Barack Obama has the necessary delegates. The rumors are that Hillary would consider the VP spot. Since there is no “runner-up” default for the VP position, Obama may spend some time researching who will best serve the nation and who will best balance the ticket in positions of strength.

Who do you think would be a good choice for Barack Obama’s running mate? How about some choices for Cabinet positions?

Will McBush pick Romney as his VP or will it be some other governor? We already know that McBush wants to appoint Phil Gramm, the lobbyist that pushed “Death Bonds”, read about it here… Secretary of the Treasury. If you thought the US Treasury has been raped and pillaged by the current Republican administration, wait until Phil Gramm gets a hold of it.

Okay – speak your mind… who are you choices and why?

UPDATE: The Centrist posted their list here

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What in the world happens to all that plastic?

Bluedahlia has done some research and created a thread at TPZoo, titled “Plastics, China and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Oh My” that gives further insight to the problems presented to all living things because of plastics. Makes me think of the movie “The Graduate” where Dustin Hoffman is told that the future lies with plastics. I think not.

Read Bluedahlia’s post here.

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Does Barack Obama need more endorsements?


This is an OPEN THREAD – waiting for discussion.

The first story I saw this morning in the news was “Richardson Endorses Obama”. Wow, that made my day. As someone who was supporting Richardson for president, it reinforces my decision to work for the Obama campaign. Will John Edwards and Al Gore be close behind?

Any reaction to this endorsement or any other recent news such as the breech in Obama’s passport? That should prove to be an interesting investigation.

I’ll have more on Governor Bill Richardson later today.