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Brown=”doesn’t share our values.”

This is Dr. Mark P. Campbell, Spokesman for Congressman Jim Gerlach.

This is a quote by Mark Campbell about Manan Trivedi from “The Hill”:

“What we are saying is that Trivedi is a far-left fringe candidate who does not share the common-sense values of the taxpayers, families or seniors of the 6th district,” said Gerlach campaign spokesman Mark Campbell.

“The only one who has played the race card here is him, by going to Indian-American groups to raise money,” said Campbell.


“doesn’t share our values.”

What values are those, Mark?

These Values?

Or Perhaps These Values?I suppose this means if Manan Trivedi shouldn’t go after money from the Indian-American community, Jim Gerlach shouldn’t go after PAC money?

Total PAC Money for 2010: $757,507 (from

I’m guessing they decided to call a Decorated Iraq War veteran who happens to be Indian-American a “terrorist” like they did to Lois Murphy was a bad idea so this is their way of planting the seed. See? He’s not like us, he doesn’t share our values.

Sound Familiar?

It’s time we demand Jim Gerlach answer this question:

Do you agree? Is Mark Campbell speaking on behalf of your beliefs? Do you feel that brown people don’t “share our values”?

We need to call on Congressman Gerlach to fire Mark Campbell. Unless, of course, he shares in these “values”.

Please sign this petition calling on Congressman Gerlach to answer to these statements or fire Mark Campbell!

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Jim Gerlach’s Latest Campaign Literature and the Flat Out Lies Within.

The Lit:

Creating Jobs Here, Creating Jobs Now

Jim Gerlach has always aggressively worked to put Pennsylvania back to work by helping businesses create jobs. His Package of job-creation bills would increase credit to businesses looking to expand, and extend much-needed tax relief so small businesses can hire more employees, purchase new equipment, and offer incentives for companies to expand here at home instead of shipping jobs overseas to countries like China.


Jim Gerlach voted NO on S 181 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that redefines unlawful employment laws and counts each paycheck as an offense if a salary is ruled as discriminatory.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 4213 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to concur with Senate amendments and adopt additional amendments to a bill that extends unemployment insurance provisions and amends tax law in various ways to extend tax credits and deductions and to offset expenses.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 2847 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: Vote to concur with Senate amendments and adopt additional amendments to a bill that appropriates funds, authorizes appropriations, issues new tax credits, and modifies existing tax credits for purposes related to employment, infrastructure, and transportation.

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 5522 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that requires the Secretary of Labor to set safety standards for combustible dusts.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 800 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that amends the National Labor Relations Act to eliminate a requirement for a vote to organize a labor union, outline a time frame for the bargaining process, and provide certain penalties for employers who attempt to influence the formation of a union.

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach is ANTI-BUSINESS and ANTI-WORKER.

The Lit:

Cutting Government Wast and Reduce Record Debt

Record spending in Washington will soon triple our national debt. That’s why Jim voted against the failed 2009 trillion dollar “stimulus” bill, against record new debt and against runaway spending. Jim will always stand up for taxpayers, families and seniors. Jim also supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.


Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 5982 which the synopsis of the bill is: “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the expansion of certain information reporting requirements to corporations and to payments for property, to eliminate loopholes which encourage companies to move operations offshore, and for other purposes.”

Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 4818 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that appropriates $821.9 billion in funding for various departments and programs for fiscal year 2005.”

Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 5631 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is:Vote to adopt a bill that appropriates $418.32 billion to the Department of Defense and related agencies.”


The Lit:

Providing Tax Relief

Extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts which will help create jobs and stop the largest tax increase in American history from occurring in January 2011.


Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 4351 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that extends the alternative minimum tax credit and adjusts the repayment plan for nonqualified deferred compensation.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 4154 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that permanently sets the estate tax exclusion amount (the amount of an estate that is exempt from the estate tax) at the 2009 level of $3.5 million, permanently sets the maximum estate and gift tax rates at the 2009 level of 45 percent, and reinstates the statutory Pay-As-You-Go budget rule.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 5982 which the synopsis of the bill is: “To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the expansion of certain information reporting requirements to corporations and to payments for property, to eliminate loopholes which encourage companies to move operations offshore, and for other purposes.”


The Lit:

Stopping Illegal Immigration

Secure our borders once and for all, complete the border fence, and oppose amnesty which rewards law breakers and will bankrupt Social Security and destroy Medicare for seniors, and families.


Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 6095 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that grants state and local officials inherent authority to investigate, identify, apprehend, arrest, detain, or transfer undocumented immigrants to Federal custody as well as clarifies specific litigation issues.”

Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 6061 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is:Vote to pass a bill that authorizes the construction of an additional 700 miles of double-layered fencing between the U.S and Mexico and grants the Secretary of Homeland Security authority to take necessary steps to stop unlawful entry of immigrants into the U.S.”

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach is for securing our borders the WRONG way. When illegal immigrants come into this country it’s not to bankrupt it, it’s for a better opportunity, doing the jobs our people refuse to do. If we provide a way for them to get to the back of the line and pay back taxes, not only is it good for our economy, it will help to not bankrupt the Social Security Congressman Gerlach helps to raid (AKA the “310 million tit cow”) but help sustain it. As far as the destruction of Medicare, I’ll get to that.

The Lit:

Building Energy Independence

Jim has long supported an “all of the above” approach to developing our most efficient energy sources to break our dependence on foreign oil. Jim voted against “cap-and-tax” which would kill local jobs and will make energy rates skyrocket.


Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 6515 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that additionally facilitates drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and encourages oil companies to drill on already leased land in the United States.”

Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 6 (Sponsored by his buddy Joe Barton) which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that would change the nation’s energy policies, regarding production, taxes, and operations.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 3534 which the synopsis of the bill is: “To provide greater efficiencies, transparency, returns, and accountability in the administration of Federal mineral and energy resources by consolidating administration of various Federal energy minerals management and leasing programs into one entity to be known as the Office of Federal Energy and Minerals Leasing of the Department of the Interior, and for other purposes.”

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach is all for “DRILL BABY DRILL” while voting against transparency in how energy companies pillage the land. No where do you find a vote for alternative energy like Wind or Solar. When you get money from Joe Barton’s oil company buddies, why would you vote any other way?

The Lit:

Reforming Health Care

Jim voted against Medicare cuts and rationing of care that government-controlled health care will now put in place. Jim will continue to push for commonsense, market-based reforms that preserve quality of care, reduce health care costs, and keeps patients, families and doctors in control of decisions.

(Sorry, I barely got through that without throwing up)


Jim Gerlach voted YES on HR 4297 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that reduces federal spending by $56.1 billion over five years by decreasing the amount of funds spent on Medicaid, Medicare, agriculture, employee pensions, conservation, student loans, and other projects and retains a reduced tax rate on capital gains and dividends.

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 3590 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to concur with Senate amendments and pass a bill that amends various statues related to health care and heath insurance coverage, including, but not limited to, the establishment of a Health Insurance Exchange Program, an individual mandate to purchase insurance, a prohibition on insurers denying or rescinding coverage based on a preexisting condition, a tax on “high cost employer-sponsored health care plans,” various mechanisms aimed at reducing Medicare spending, and an expansion of Medicaid eligibility.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 4872 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to concur with Senate amendments and pass a bill that issues various amendments to HR 3590, including, but not limited to, the following highlights.”

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach is against health care for all people in this country. He doesn’t care that people are shut out due to “Pre-existing conditions”. He voted to first reduce spending on Medicare, then voted against eliminating the over-spending (by reducing spending by 1% in year 2014-15 for the hospitals that have high costs).

The Lit:

Protecting Our Enviroment

Jim has long been a champion for protecting open space and preserving farmland in our area. He founded the Land Conservation Caucus in Congress. Jim supports holding BP accountable for the damage done to the Gulf and the economy.


Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 2996 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to adopt a conference report that extends temporary federal spending measures in order to fund the government through December 18, 2009 and appropriates $32.39 billion for the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, and related agencies for fiscal year 2009-2010.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 2454 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that amends various statutes related to energy, including, but not limited to, establishing a cap and trade program to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 5351which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that extends renewable energy tax credits and increases taxes on oil companies.”

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 2776 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that makes changes in U.S. tax code regarding renewable and fossil fuels.”

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach is against incentives for promoting renewable energy. He’s against regulating greenhouse gas emissions, which cause global warming. He’s for conserving lands that we could in theory drill at some point! He’s for tax breaks for his Oil industry buddies, again, if they gave you campaign contributions, wouldn’t you do the same? (If you too, didn’t have a conscience?)

The Lit:

Endorsed by Veterans’ Vision and awarded an ‘A’ rating by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. Jim has always supported our veterans, our troops, and their families. Jim voted “yes” to improve veterans health care services, cost of living increases and supports a Veterans’ Bill of Rights.


Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 2861 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that would appropriate $122.7 billion for the departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development.”

Jim Gerlach NO VOTED on HR 2642 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to adopt an amendment to HR 2642 that provides education funding for eligible members of the Armed Forces, extends unemployment compensation, establishes moratoria on certain actions regarding Medicaid, and appropriates funds for various domestic and international purposes.

Jim Gerlach voted NO on HR 3221 which project Smart Vote’s synopsis of the bill is: “Vote to pass a bill that increases mortgage grants, mortgage limitations, various property assistances to the homeless and veterans, and the line of credit for mortgages under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. “

The Conclusion: Jim Gerlach has no problem sending our men and women into war, but DOES have a problem supporting them when they get home. Whether it be Health Care, Housing, or Education Jim Gerlach has FAILED our veterans. Someone who hasn’t served in our armed forces certainly wouldn’t understand what Veterans and their families go through. All he understands are special interests and the money donated to his campaign by them!

And finally, from

  • Rated 10% by NARAL, indicating a pro-life voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 70% by the NRLC, indicating a mixed record on abortion. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 56% by NAACP, indicating a mixed record on affirmative-action. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 97% by the US COC, indicating a pro-business voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 25% by the NEA, indicating anti-public education votes. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 33% by CAF, indicating a mixed record on energy independence. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 50% by the LCV, indicating a mixed record on environment. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 0% by APHA, indicating a anti-public health voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 22% by SANE, indicating a pro-military voting record. (Dec 2003) <NOTE: PRO-MILITARY NOT PRO VETERAN>
  • Rated 0% by FAIR, indicating a voting record loosening immigration. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 83% by USBC, indicating a sealed-border stance. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 7% by the AFL-CIO, indicating an anti-union voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 18% by the AU, indicating opposition to church-state separation. (Dec 2006)
  • Rated 0% by the ARA, indicating an anti-senior voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • Rated 0% by the CTJ, indicating opposition to progressive taxation. (Dec 2006)

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McChickenhawk? How about just plain old Chicken?

John McCain has announced that he has suspended his campaign due to the financial crisis. The crisis he helped create by supporting deregulation. Remember the Keating five? John McCain has also recommended that he and Barack Obama postpone (cancel) their debate on Friday.  This is more than likely a way for Palin to get out of the debate with Joe Biden. John McCain is not on any banking committee, and he’s missed votes for the past year and a half, I feel he’s trying to fool us all.

What this all boils down to is the the fact that John McCain is not prepared. He’s scared. He can’t do more than one thing at once. If he got the 3am phone call he would most likely tell them to call back later because he’s busy sleeping!

What more proof do the American voters need that McChicken is not the right choice for the job?

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More Republican lies. Yeah, they’re at it again!

This is what’s wrong with our politics. At the Republican convention, speaker after speaker just flat-out lied, and our news media isn’t calling them on any of it. YOU CAN’T GET THE STORY FROM THE PUNDITS.

They smeared Barack Obama repeatedly and told lies big and small.

Here’s just a few of them:

– Sarah Palin and John McCain claim that Barack Obama wants to raise our taxes, but the vast majority of families are way better off under Barack Obama’s plan. JOHN MCCAIN ACTUALLY WANTS TO TAX OUR HEALTH BENEFITS!!! Barack Obama’s plan only raises taxes on people with individual incomes over a quarter-million dollars.

– Sarah Palin and John McCain lie and claim that their plan is better for people like us. They don’t cut taxes for us hardly at all, and wipe out that cut with their plan to tax our health benefits!!!! Barack Obama actually cuts middle class taxes to try to restore fairness that was lost under Bush.

– Sarah Palin lied when she said Barack Obama had authored “no major law, not even in the state senate.” This is just a bald-faced lie. In fact, just in the US Senate, Barack Obama passed the most sweeping reform package since Watergate, and reached across party lines to pass, with Senator Lugar, legislation to help keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists and, with Senator Coburn, legislation to create a revolutionary database that makes government more transparent and accountable.

– Sarah Palin and John McCain continue to lie about Barack Obama’s energy plans. They keep pushing more drilling as the main answer to our problems, when it won’t do anything to lower the price of gas. And then they claim Barack Obama, in the words of Palin, “is against producing [more energy]. Barack Obama is for producing more clean energy and ending our addiction to oil. He has the most comprehensive energy plan of any Presidential candidate in history.

– The Republicans keep attacking Barack Obama’s plans for Iraq, even though the Iraqi government AND THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION just signed an agreement that follows the plan Barack Obama has been advocating for months.

– It’s the same thing on negotiations and diplomacy. Sarah Palin attacked Barack Obama for holding the position that the Bush Administration has belatedly been forced to adopt: holding direct talks with Iran. We’re too strong a country to be afraid of talking to Iraq.

It goes on and on. I’m tired of the lies. AND I’M TIRED OF THE MEDIA NOT TELLING US THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM!

Let’s pass this along and let everyone know what’s really happening.

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Happy Birthday John McCain!

Today, August 29, 2008 is John Sidney McCain’s 72nd Birthday. Happy Birthday Senator McCain!
I would like to call on all Americans, not just Berks Countians, to join me in giving John a very special birthday present!

Is Minchy off his rocker? No….keep reading.

In honor of John’s 72nd birthday, in every state in this union I call on you to call as many Obama supporters you can to build our base of volunteers so we can take our country back! Our goal? 72,000 calls per state TODAY.

We can’t do this alone, we need all people who are able to help deliver this gift to a deserving birthday boy!

For the past eight years we’ve suffered under the policies of George W. Bush. John McCain is looking to continue those same policies for the next four years. We cannot afford another four years of George Bush under the John McCain administration! Let’s tell our neighbors about Barack Obama. We can let them know that Barack Obama can bring the change we so desperately need.

Goto to sign up, use the online call tool and help give John McCain the best birthday present we can, he can stay in the Senate, in the minority, and he can keep saying “NO” only after November, it really won’t matter.

Thanks! and again Happy Birthday John! 😉

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“Attention Wal-Mart associates”

So…..Wal-Mart has had a meeting proclaiming that a vote for Barack Obama will cripple their business, causing them to close stores, fire people etc. Wow.


So, I call on all Wal-Mart associates who may read this to hear what I have to say.

The people telling you how to vote are upper management. I can certainly guarantee these people do not have your best interests in mind. These are people making alot more money than you. I’m quite sure that the number of associates outnumbers the management. Don’t you think unionizing would benefit you? I know it would benefit me in my job. The big money makers in this country are afraid. To paraphrase Pink Floyd “Money….share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie!”. These people are scared that they’re not going to have as big a slice as they’re used to. You know what I say to that? OH WELL.

Vote with you mind. Educate yourself on the issues. Then make your desicion. Your vote is just that, YOURS. Don’t let corporate interests have your vote.

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Phil Gramm folds under the pressure.

I’m guessing that Phil Gramm is doing what all good Republicans do when they’ve caused public outrage. Phil Gramm announced late Friday that he is leaving the McCain campaign. Phil has decided to join the number of growing supporters of Senator McSame. The reason I say growing is because everyone who screws up on his campaign leaves, and that number seems to increase week to week. Perhaps ole Phil wants to be out of the spotlight, since in my opinion he should be indicted on tax fraud. He is, after all, the number two man at UBS, who was hiding money for millionaires who think they’re above paying taxes. So, John, this is the economic plan you have? Take care of the millionaires and screw the rest of us? Oh I’m sorry, I must be a whiner.

See more on Phil Gramm and UBS here:

See Phil Gramm’s announcement here:

Note how he blames Democrats, if I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d cry.

Open Thread

John McCain is a G.D. Sexist pig.

Why isn’t this on MSM? As reported on and on the Ed Schultz show (Norman Goldman filling in). My friends John McCain thinks rape is funny. How’s that for some friggin straight talk? Here’s the joke as told in 1986 during his Senate campaign:

“Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, ‘Where is that marvelous ape?'”

Wow John. You’re an A**hole!

Being the spouse of a rape victim I can tell you, RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. As far as I know ANY rape victim doesn’t like it and want more. So good job John, how about some jokes about Jews? Blacks? Gays? Seems like you’ve got a ton of these jems. How about the one about “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”??

Think about who John McCain is folks.



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Why I Support Barack Obama

Paint a picture in your mind if you will. It’s 1961 in the United States of America. No British invasion, the counter-culture is in its infancy, the free-speech movement hasn’t started yet, the pill has just made it’s way into mainstream America, we haven’t even set foot on the moon yet.  In a hospital room in Honolulu Hawaii, a young man from Nyangoma-Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya and a young woman from Wichita, Kansas are awaiting the birth of their son, Barack Obama. A relatively common event. Little did they realize, the little boy being born that day, would want to change this world in a most profound way. Ann Durham, Barack’s mother was for the most part a single mother. Barack did not grow up rich. He did not come from an affluent family. He had an extremely interesting childhood, growing up in Hawaii, and Indonesia. He went on to graduate from Punahou School in Honolulu, to attend Occidental College for two years before transferring to Columbia University, graduating in 1983. Barack then went on to work as a community organizer in Chicago before attending Harvard Law, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.  Soon after graduation he returned to Chicago to become a civil rights attorney. He didn’t go to some big money law firm; he went to work for the people. His advocacy work had paid off and allowed him to become an Illinois State senator. In 2004 Barack Obama ran successfully for the United States Senate. During the campaign, Barack took a huge risk and spoke out against the war in Iraq. This was risky because coming out with such a bold statement early in a campaign can break it for you. Fortunately for all of us, it paid off.  Barack also delivered the keynote speech of the 2004 Democratic Convention, thrusting him onto the national stage. I remember thinking to myself “Who’s this Obama, and why isn’t he running?”

Fast forward to February, 2007. Barack Obama makes an announcement that he is running for president.  Since starting the campaign he has gone on to being 17 pledged delegates away from a majority lead in the race to the nomination. Some people have come out to criticize Barack Obama saying he’s an elitist, like he thinks he’s above everyone. Let me say this. I was brought up by my mother too. My mother, just like Ann Durham had to go at it alone for the most part when it came to raising me. I haven’t had the opportunities Barack has had, but I too have worked hard, real hard, for what I’ve got. I find it offensive that a man who is married to a woman who is worth 100 million dollars plus can call a man who just within this past year finished paying his student loans off an elitist.

Barack Obama along with us is the change we’ve all been waiting for. Barack Obama is my definition of the American Dream. We have a man who has risen up through everything the conservatives and others have thrown his way to make his stamp on history. We need someone to end this senseless war in Iraq. We need someone to take away the failed policies of the Bush administration and turn things around. Barack Obama is ready to ensure everyone in this country can afford an education, have access to good jobs, and get our economy back out of the dumpster. Barack Obama has a real plan for universal heath care. He wants to ensure that if you as an American worker want to organize, you have the right to do so without repercussions.  Barack Obama is ready to take this country back from the lobbyists and the oil companies. Barack Obama speaks to the core values of the American people. Barack Obama speaks to me. Barack Obama is the epitome American Dream, and that is why I support, volunteer and have voted for, and will vote again in November for Barack Obama.

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Elitist Cindy McCain will NOT release her tax returns. “Ever”

Wow. It amazes me how these people call Barack Obama an elitist.

What are John & Cindy McCain hiding? That’s the only thing that comes to mind. Now granted, although Bill & Hillary filed for an extension this year, they did release their 2006 returns. Barack & Michelle of course released their 2007 returns a while ago. But what about the McCains? I realize of course Cindy McCain isn’t running for president, and it is her right to keep them private, but I don’t understand why? Are John and Cindy McCain sleeping on a mattress stuffed with money that the IRS doesn’t know about? Look dishonest to me.

“John McCain may not like it, but the American people have a right to know about the well documented links between his political career and the McCains’ business ventures,” DNC chairman Howard Dean said in a statement. “John McCain’s refusal to meet the standard of every other candidate seeking the office is one more reason he’s the wrong choice for America’s future.” (Courtesy of