Open Thread

Happy Thanks giving everyone… THANKSGIVING?

DO we celebrate the myth? Or do we celebrate the concept? Well,,,, I say celebrate what you want,  your friends, family, good fortune or that your poor fortune, should you be suffering poor fortune right now, is not worse and that tomorrow is another day.

Celebrate hope and the fact that you still get up in the morning with whatever facilities you have, and that there is always hope…

Life IS a struggle, but one worth struggling for and one’s situation can always improve, but that is not what today is for, it is to accept, and celebrate what we have, no matter how little… And if you enjoy a lot, give back what you can, support who you can, be thankful for your position and place and honor those less fortunate… give thanks…. for what you have and the fact that though you can never have a perfect world, you can always have a better one.

I am thankful for my family, friends and others who enrich my life, and even for those who may be considered opponents, for the challenge they present me, and I am thankful for this new blog and the opportunity to share ideas and actions for change for the better of everyone, and thankful for YOU all and look forward to getting to know you all better… and, hopefully, together, maybe figuring out and taking part in building that better world we all want… one that is inclusive, and fair, to and for everyone.

I am also thankful that history of the “myth” of this particularly American holiday is such that we are now aware of the myth and it’s reality and we CAN work to make sure that others know and learn if they are not already aware, and that something like what dominate parties perpetuate on others, such as what Europeans did to the indigenous people’s in this land, may never happen again.

Thank you. And Happy Thanksgiving in whatever way you choose to spend it.


David E Gibson

By Peacehome Campaigns - Peace Action

Independent Organizing Consultant for a variety of progressive causes, single father, equestrian, archer, writer.

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