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Job Creation – Updated

The “Man with the Plan”, that man would be Manan.

From the Reading Eagle:

Trivedi said job growth would be his No. 1 mission as representative of the 6th Congressional District, which is made up of parts of Berks, Chester, Montgomery and Lehigh counties.

“Small businesses become big businesses,” Trivedi told a caller from Reading.

Those potential big businesses, he said, are in the growing field of clean energy, where the United States has fallen behind.

“Countries like India and China are doing it,” he said of the alternative energy industry. “America’s not doing it.”

Trivedi, a physician from Union Township who served in the Iraq War, also discussed the local transportation crisis and the need for more school funding.

He said a proposed commuter rail line between Wyomissing and the Philadelphia suburbs is essential for people in Berks to access jobs nearer to Philadelphia.

“I don’t know how many of you have driven Route 422, but it’s a parking lot,” Trivedi said. “I try to avoid it like the plague. But people need it to get to work.”

Jim Gerlach’s plan…    ***crickets***   We’re still waiting.

Here’s more from Manan.

While he’s a native Pennsylvanian where coal is king, Trivedi says without hesitation – and repeated several times during our discussion – that “we need to move away from carbon-based emissions and foreign energy.” While Gerlach’s congressional Web site talks about the importance of clean energy and energy independence, as I noted last week, his campaign Web site is decidedly less friendly to the environment. In fact, while there is no “Issues” section of Gerlach’s site (there is a head-to-head comparison that omits anything about energy or the environment and is written in lowbrow, heavy-handed prose), his “Achievements” section crows that he voted “NO on Obama/Pelosi Cap and Trade bill that will raise energy rates and kill Pennsylvania jobs.”

And yet, still ***crickets*** from Gerlach.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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