Social Security

Alaska’s Republican Senate Candidate

The Republican candidate for the AK Senate seat, Joe Miller, speaks the truth regarding the Republican agenda and Social Security.

Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller repeated his view Wednesday that the United States needs to fundamentally rethink Social Security.

“Longer term, there has got to be a move outside of that system,” Miller told CNN’s John King. “Ultimately we want to transfer the power back to the states so that states can take up the mantle of those programs if they so desire.”

Miller previously said that the U.S. should “transition out of the Social Security arrangement.”

King, noting that Miller’s position is something Democrats have pounced on, asked Miller to make himself perfectly clear — that he wouldn’t take away Social Security checks from the people who currently count on them, but that he’d like to do away with the program for future generations. King asked: “Would [a person born the day Miller was sworn in] perhaps grow up in an America where there is not a federal Social Security program if you got your way?”

“Absolutely,” Miller said.

So there you have it.  Say “bye, bye” to Social Security.  Republicans have been trying to dismantle Social Security since its inception.  Having said that, it is also clear that the Republicans want to give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the middle class.(psst… Toomey wants to dismantle Social Security and protect the rich Wall Street Bankers).

If you believe that the feudal system was the best, then support the Republicans because if they get their way, we will all be serving them for less than minimum wage while they enjoy their lives.   The Republicans dream of returning to the time of lords and serfs.

If you want to save Democracy and save Social Security, then you will vote for Democrats.

If you believe in Economic Patriotism, then you will vote for Democrats.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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