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The Republican Score Card

Learn where the Republicans stand on issues that effect all of us here.  You’ll want to read that link.

Even though 85% of Americans want the Government to keep their hands off of Social Security, the Republicans are looking forward to getting their greedy hands on our money and handing it over to their friends on Wall Street.  Remember, Wall Street stole our 401K money and how former President Bush immediately called for the Government to bail out his rich friends on Wall Street.  The TARP money, Wall Street bailout was President George W. Bush’s plan to save our economy.

One more thing, if the Bush tax breaks for the rich was meant to create jobs as the Republicans claim, then why was there a net loss in jobs during the Bush years?  If these tax breaks really created jobs, there wouldn’t be a 9.5% unemployment rate.

Republicans are like the street scammers with the walnut shells.  Always up to tricks to take your money and make themselves rich.

Social Security keeps 20 million Americans out of poverty.  If the Republicans get a hold of this money, 20 million more Americans will be living in the streets.  We cannot afford a Republican controlled Congress.  Vote Joe Sestak for Senate and Manan Trivedi for the PA 6th Congressional District.  Re-elect Patrick Murphy.  These Democrats got our back.  They are all veterans that served our nation with honor and put their lives on the line to protect Americans. They walk the walk and deserve to continue to fight for us in Washington DC.

Pay attention:  Pat Toomey supports oil drilling in Lake Erie.  Yes, Pennsylvania shores along Lake Erie can look like the oil covered beaches of Louisiana.

5 replies on “The Republican Score Card”

I noticed your first two sources — extremely biased — as how you based most of your argument. Then you contend that there was net job loss, yet we saw unemployment drop from nearly 6% in 2002, to below 5% in 2008. I’m a little confused.

Remember, under Bush there weren’t just “tax breaks for the rich”, but for EVERY tax bracket, and that led to job creation as the money that people had was able to enter the economy… rich, poor, or other.

“Republicans are like the street scammers with the walnut shells.” I can’t find much wrong with this, but it needs to be re-worded to be “Republicans and Democrats are like the…” to be accurate.

Trying to paint one of these parties as good or heroes, and the other as evil or corrupt is disingenuous at best, and realistically ignorant. They are both collusional, full of self-centered corrupt people whose goals are themselves and their parties, and not the people that they SERVE.

Your comment is spoken like a true tea bagger, oops, I mean a person that wears tea bags on their hats. Let me guess, you want to government to keep its hand off of your Social Security and you want to set up toll roads because the government is bad and we shouldn’t be paying to fix roads or bridges.

The scorecard speaks for itself. Check out where Toomey stands and you will find that the scorecard is correct. As for AARP, I’m glad that they have our backs because Toomey doesn’t and neither do the Wall Street robber bankers.

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