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The Fox and the Crazy Man

The “Fox” would be Fox Opinion Network and the “Crazy Man” would be Glenn Beck.

Unless someone can prove me wrong, there is a strong probability that Glenn Beck suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, sub-group Bi-Polar.  Beck’s mother committed suicide and Beck made an attempt at suicide.  He cries and then he rants and raves and displays delusional thinking which includes paranoia and conspiracy theories.  Studies suggest that there is a genetic component to this disorder.  Glenn Beck may also be suffering from Thought Disorder.  There is a possibility that Michele Bachmann suffers from the same Though Disorder.

Unless someone can prove me wrong, Sarah Palin displays many of the behaviors of Thought Disorder as evidenced by Circumstantiality and Schizophasia (Word Salad).  Beck, Palin and Bachmann when speaking in public, often exhibit Speech Derailment.

I just hope that Beck’s head doesn’t explode on TV.  Since health care reform has passed and is now the law of the land, someone please, keep the razor blades away from Michele Bachmann.


By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “The Fox and the Crazy Man”

Beck might have a reasonable excuse for being schizo. but surely he’s not bi-polar.

He’s a terrible, calculating and desperate actor.

The speech/thought disorders between all of them may well come from their simple inarticulateness due to being uneducated—religion plays a major part in all that.

Ever notice how bad these people are at analogies?

Ever notice how they don’t actually know the meaning of many of the words they use—how pleased they get when they adopt a word, and then adapt it for own use, so it makes sense to them?

The Holey Bubble is a word-salad, and a significant influence on these people. There’s nothing coherent about it even though it his presented as a ‘unified theory’ of EVERYTHING.

So imho, the symptoms don’t actually point to the cause, and of course there is no cure.

There is a certain “I know you are but what am I?”-quality to the thinking of the right-wing personalities on TV. They flat out contradict facts right to your face, and throw back at you the very accurate words you use to describe them. They oftern suffer from projection, and reflexively ascribe to others the negative things they see in themselves. Remember something: When they call us a name that more accurately describes them, it’s because they recognize that what they called you is a bad thing. But since they often lack the ability to see their own hypocrisy, they won’t ever admit that when they do it, it’s just as bad. You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that tehre is something psychotic about being a right-winger.

this fools rants are what his boss wants. fox is not a news org it is a place for fools

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