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The Real Pat Toomey Part 1

The Club for Growth, a Washingon Lobbyest funded organization endorses Pat Toomey because Pat Toomey believes in limited government.  Translated, Pat Toomey will do the following if elected:

  • Dismantle Social Security by handing over taxpayers money to the Wall Street Bandits,
  • Expand Death Panels by dismantling Medicare and Medicaid by creating a voucher system that will not cover the cost of Insurance premiums.  This is a hand-off of taxpayers money to Insurance companies.

Any Tea Party member that is tired of government handouts, will NOT vote for Toomey because Toomey talks the talk but he is nothing more than a Republican that rewards his rich friends with taxpayers money.  In the meantime, the average American gets screwed, again.  If you liked the Wall Street bailout, then you will love the Toomey Wall Street handover of our tax dollars.

Make room for your parents because when they lose their Social Security, they will be moving in with you.  As for any inheritance, that money will go to the Insurance companies.   That is what Pat Toomey offers.  He will be another suit in Washington DC, stealing tax payers money.  If you think the economy is bad now, it will only get worse if Pat Toomey gets elected.

Don’t let Toomey fool you by saying that he is center right.  Anyone that wants to put doctors in jail for treating their patients is NOT anywhere near the center and is a fascist.   Toomey is far, far right.

Toomey will take away our freedoms.

Here’s Toomey on the issues… he would restrict bankruptcy rules meaning, he voted to make it more difficult to file for bankruptcy.  Now that is helping Wall Street and voting against the best interest of the people of Pennsylvania.  Yes, Toomey wants to keep feeding those fat cat bankers big bonuses even though we want our money back.

Rated 20% by the ARA, indicating an anti-senior voting record. (Dec 2003)

Toomey is anti-senior.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “The Real Pat Toomey Part 1”

Hi Cats,

I was just passing by and spotted your fresh post today.
I found a fairly recent Rasmussen Poll on the Pennsylvania race, as I was looking for primary challengers for Toomey. Apparently the pundits pretty much have this wrapped up as Toomey vs Specter. Another Rasmussen Poll on the Democratic Primary shows the uphill battle Sestak faces. I have to believe there are few Republicans willing to vote for Specter, as well as Democrats not interested in helping him, either, after years of opposing him. Yet the party bosses prefer him in the anti-incumbent mood of today’s electorate.

You are right to attack Toomey on populist issues like Social Security, Medicare, bankruptcy and Wall Street. I hope the rest of your state pays attention. Looking forward to Part Two.

Sestak and Toomey are going to debate before the primaries. This is apparently their second debate, albeit with much more at stake.

Maybe Sestak can make up ground on both Toomey and Specter in the polls.

By the way, did you decide to keep your committee seat?

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