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More On That Midnight Pay Raise

From an email…

Friends of Congressman Tim HoldenContact:  570-429-0397

Statement from Congressman Tim Holden regarding PA Senator Dave Argall’s announcement:

Today’s announcement from Dave Argall should be very troubling to the constituents he currently represents as he was just entrusted less then a year ago with the Senate seat of the late Jimmy Rhoades.  Senator Rhoades was a colleague and friend of mine. He coached me in my early football years.  He and I worked closely together for the people we represented and we upheld the long tradition of bipartisanship which has served our constituents well over the years.

I am proud to share this same tradition of bipartisanship with other elected legislators throughout the 17th Congressional District.  It is disturbing to me that Dave Argall has chosen to disregard this policy for his own personal gains, but now that he has made this choice, let’s take a close look at his legislative record.

While serving as a State Representative, Dave Argall voted to increase his own pension by 50%.

Then, while serving in a leadership position in the PA House, he wrote, signed and was responsible for rounding up the votes for the infamous midnight Pay Raise legislation.  That’s right, Dave Argall gave himself a 34% pay increase.  Let the record be clear, without Dave Argall, this bad legislation would never have seen the light of day, much less be passed into law.  It was Dave Argall, working closely with his colleague, the now indicted former Speaker of the House John Perzel, who made sure that the votes were there to pass this appalling pay increase.

At the same time he was lining his own pockets, Dave Argall routinely voted to increase taxes on his constituents and voted against funding health insurance programs for people who most needed the assistance.

One thing is for sure, Dave Argall is not a leader and he is not concerned about average working men and women.  Dave Argall has demonstrated time and time again he is only concerned with one thing…. Dave Argall.

By Cats r Flyfishn

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