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The Republican Creed – UPDATED

Elect a Republican and they will follow and enforce the Republican Creed which is:

Shred the Social Safety Net

  • Dismantle Social Security
  • Eliminate Medicare
  • Turn their backs on senior citizens and the poor.

UPDATE:  Republicans are as deadly as DDT. If elected to office, they plan on:

  • Dismantling Social Security
  • Dismantling Medicare
  • Turning their backs on Seniors and the poor.

And that’s the truth.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

One reply on “The Republican Creed – UPDATED”

Hi Cat’s-thanks for the kind comments you left me back in the field!!

In respect to the above that’s the way it is and the fact they get those who will be hurt the worst to vote for them is crazy but when you lie cheat and steal plus have the media to assist all over this nation it makes that task so much easier.

Hope this finds you well and if I haven’t said it to you may 010 be a very good one to you. May you get nothing but the best.

Get through the next two and a half months here and spring will be close.

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