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Is This the Beginning Of… in America?

Is the Tea Party joining with the Nazi Party? The video was produced in 1947 and illustrates the beginnings of the Nazi Party in Germany. This is precisely the direction of the Tea Party movement and the current GOP. Their mantra is “divide and conquer”. It started with the Bush Regime where Karl Rove made it his goal to divide our nation. Unless you can prove me wrong and judging by current events, it certainly appears that the Tea Party is uniting with the John Birch Society and the American Nazi Party. If race is NOT the issue with the Tea Party, then they would have been marching in the streets along with the anti-war movement during the Bush/Cheney years of terrorizing the American people. Instead, they only appeared after a black man took up residence in what they perceive as their white’s only house.

(h/t to Zooey at TheZoo)

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “Is This the Beginning Of… in America?”

I say you nailed it Cats!! These people want complete control and only on their terms and it does not include people of color or white people who disagree with them. And it is just that simple.

The Tea Party folks–at least the ones who marched last fall–were there to signal their unhappiness with our government’s fiscal irresponsibility. Yes, a few had hateful signs–a very few, though watching the coverage, you’d never know that. The truth is that it was a tiny minority and their signs were no more hateful than those I’ve seen at anti-war rallies (again, carried by a few wingnuts that appear at every protest). But the majority of protesters were upset about the bailouts and the corrupt Washington/Wall Street connections. I know a lot of right wing folks want to cash in on this populist anger and turn it to their own ends, but the real live people who traveled to Washington weren’t John Birchers and they weren’t Nazis–they were average Americans who were upset and alarmed by the direction our government is headed–under both Bush and Obama. I can tell by your article that you didn’t bother meeting or talking to these folks before deciding who they are and what they believe, and your logic–because they didn’t march during the Bush/Cheney years, they are therefore racist–doesn’t make a lot of sense. Talk about divide and conquer! Until we wake up and see that ALL Americans have very good reason to be furious at the way our representatives are transferring wealth from the bottom 99% to their buddies on Wall Street and the military/industrial complex, we’ll never stand a chance of stopping them.

Were you protesting while Bush and Cheney were shredding our Constitution or were you sitting at home telling yourself that everything will be alright? Are you receiving Medicare or Social Security? Are you protected by a police department that is paid for by tax dollars? Do you use public transportation or drive on public roads? Do you visit any parks or recreation areas that are managed by the government either local, State or Federal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your protests are without merit.

Here, read this. Our economic woes did not start over night. I clearly remember Ronnie Reagan bailing out the Savings and Loans with our money. Where were the tea baggers then? Oh, that’s right. Ronnie was white.

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