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Assailant Flees Crime Scene – UPDATE

Not only do the slob hunters show their cowardice by shooting captured birds, they flee the scene of a crime.  If you recognize this person, notify the Pennsylvania State Police.

Is this one of the cases that District Attorney John Adams wants dismissed?  Does Tom Caltigirone and Mike O’Pake support criminal acts against people in Berks County?  What is reason behind District Attorney John Adams, Legislator Tom Caltigirone and Senator Mike O’Pake supporting these pigeon shoots?  Would campaign contributions from the Victory Flyers PAC have anything to do with the continuation of these acts of animal cruelty?  Not only are defenseless pigeons being abused, now people are being attacked.

You can contact your PA State Legislator and Tom Caltigirone here:

You can contact your PA State Senator and Mike O’Pake here:

You can contact the Berks County District Attorney here:

Stay tuned…

UPDATE:  District Attorney John Adams received $1000.00 in campaign funds from the PA Victory Flyers PAC.

4 replies on “Assailant Flees Crime Scene – UPDATE”

Sport?! How utterly heinous.

This reminds me of the Roller Pigeon owners shooting Hawks and Falcons. (these folk breed pigeons with a genetic defect – comparable to narcolepsy- that cause the bird to briefly lose consciousness while in flight, thus the ‘roll’). The birds of prey saw a meal and would pluck the pigeon out of the air –
On the west coast – 7 pigeon owners were charged with killing endangered species (hawks, owls, falcons) that would eat the pigeons.

Here’s an interesting article on the under-cover work the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did to capture these dimwits/pigeon fanciers.

“Nine men have pleaded guilty. Their fines have ranged from $2,000 to $25,000, plus community service and probation. Two Oregon defendants were fined $4,000 each, an amount Sallinger called a “slap on the wrist.” In response, Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio proposed revising the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to make the intentional killing of a protected bird a felony rather than a Class B misdemeanor.”

that is from this link:

USFW bring charges
Sorry for being so lengthy – I do wish you much success in stopping those who feel the need for cruelty. This is no minor issue as your legislators seem to think.

Sadism, pure and simple. All these people want is something live, to kill as easily as possible, for their own twisted pleasure.

In one respect I could give a damn about the birds themselves–why , technically, should I care–what use or relevance are pigeons to me.?

It’s because the people who enjoy doing this, who make the effort to do this and who as we see in this footage will aggressively defend this kind of activity, are effing psychos.

If you need to shoot, shoot an inanimate target. If you need to hunt, actually hunt something. If you want to do both, join the goddamned Army! .

Sick sick sick, and psychotic.

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