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Puppy Shoots – UPDATED

If this cute little puppy was captured on the streets of New York City, placed in a cage and not allowed to eat or drink water for one week and then taken to a sportman’s club, tossed into the air so that slob hunters could shoot it full of shotgun pellets and then tossed into a trash can while still alive and slowly dying, the residents of Pike Township and Pennsylvania would be up in arms, protesting in the streets and writing letters to the editor and to their State Senators and State Legislators to put a stop to this cruel and inhumane practice.  Well, this is what is happening to pigeons.  They are captured on the streets of New York City, starved and then tossed into the air so that Elmer Fudd can take a shot at these defenseless birds.  This happens two to three times a year at the Pike Sportsmens Club in Pike Township.  The Pike Sportsmens Club no longer holds live pigeon shoots.

Here’s a link to a recent report by Channel 10 News, Philadelphia, Pa.

There is a court challenge to this pigeon shoot which Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams is refusing to persue.  Is he refusing because he receives money from the Flyers Victory Club, a PAC devoted to promoting animal cruelty?

State Senator Mike O’Pake will not support ending live pigeon shoots and State Legislator, Tom Caltigirone will not allow the house bill that bans live pigeon shoots to come to the floor for a vote.

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend” and it is true, that many dogs have saved people’s lives.  Another fact is that pigeons are also friends to man.  Pigeons were used as carriers during the World Wars and the messages that they carried saved people’s lives.  A pigeon is also a religious symbol and represents the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity. Read some more facts about pigeons.   The slob hunters are ignorant and pigeon shoots are about money.  This is a gambling event.

We pressured Harrisburg to put an end to puppy mills.  Why isn’t Harrisburg putting an end to live pigeon shoots?  Guess pigeons just aren’t as cute as puppies.

(No puppies were harmed during the writing of this thread.  All the puppies in these pictures come from loving homes)

UPDATE:  Pike Sportmen’s Club no longer holds live pigeon shoots but there are other clubs that still hold these games of animal cruelty.

5 replies on “Puppy Shoots – UPDATED”

Hopefully Pennsylvanians will call their legislators, and tell them to support this legislation that would FINALLY ban this cruelty, once and for all!

Good analogy. Of course launching an animal, wounding them, leaving them to die slowly is animal cruelty as you so aptly pointed out. It does not matter whether it is a puppy, panda or pigeon. They are all animals. Why can’t they change to clay anyway?

If law enforcement is not going to enforce the cruelty code, then it is time for the Pennsylvania Legislature to step in and directly outlaw it.

It really is silly that a handful of shooters can intimidate both the courts and the legislature.

Sounds like we have a few elected officials that need to go. Allowing these types of shoots in this state hurts hunters. Hunting is such a large part of PA. Any club that would allow this type of event should be closed down. If members can’t support the club without holding an event where live animals are launched in front of your gun then it’s time to shut down the club. Did these people ever hear of clay birds. Have to wonder if we will be known as the redneck state.

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