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What Was The Message

The Blue Dog Democrats are saying that President Obama’s agenda is too progressive and that is why the governor’s races were won by Republicans.  Progressive Democrats are saying that Congress is moving too slowly on health care reform and that is why Republicans won these two governor’s races.  I have a different view.

In Virginia, the Democratic Party had a boring DINO as their candidate so the Democrats just stayed home.  In New Jersey, Corzine had his own issues, mainly, high property taxes.  Too bad for New Jersey, because Christi won’t be any better than Corzine.

The reason that the Democrats lost these two races is because of a poor choice of candidates.  If Democrats want to win next year, then they need candidates that excite the voters, especially the young voters and they need to stop fighting among themselves and get health care reform with a public option passed for Americans.  They also need to do something about keeping good paying jobs in this country and discourage companies from supplying jobs to China.

Republicans always show up to vote regardless of the qualifications of their candidate.  If Stalin or Hilter were the Republican candidate for office, the Republicans would still show up and vote for the Republican.  Democrats don’t operate that way.  Rather than vote for a poor candidate, Democrats will stay home.  This is how Republicans win elections.  It’s not that Republicans have highly qualified candidates that represent the values of Americans, it’s that Democrats have poor candidates.

Let this be a wake-up call to the Democratic Party leaders.  We will no longer hold our noses and vote for someone just because there is a “D” behind their name.  We want strong, progressive candidates who are willing to work for the good of all Americans and not just corporations and Wall Street.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

7 replies on “What Was The Message”

Corzine is a Wall Street figure, and people are surprised he isn’t popular? And Deeds? I think I could have run a sick cat against that scum and won.

NY-23 is of far more significance. Every Rushpubliscum “values” asshat in the country lined up behind Hoffman. Anti-American POS orgs like the “Club for Growth” (snicker) spent enormous amounts of money there (a feat they won’t be able to repeat everywhere. Not by a long shot.) Hell, even Caribou Barbie stumped for Hoffman. What did it get them?

Hey – thanks for stopping by. We will not hold our noses any more. If the Dems want our votes, they are going to have to earn them. I’m still backing Barack Obama and “Big Balls” Grayson.

Speak Cats, speak!!!

What you said is the truth. How could the Democrats put Deeds up in VA? It makes no sense. What a dumb move. Democrats were supporting the Republican (WTH!) because they disliked Deeds that much.

Corzine was all about himself and has done nothing for NJ. I hope that Chris Christie does more for the good people of NJ than Corzine did – but I won’t hold my breath.

Neither of these races are a reflection on how the Democrats will do in 2010. It would have been nice if they won but it’s not critical by any means. Who knows, maybe it gave some Democrats a wakeup call.

I also hope that the Democrats running in the various races in 2010 have proven records or deeds that show that they want to do what’s best for the people they hope to represent. That’s how they will win their elections.

President Obama’s role is to go in and excite the base and rally people to go to the polls. He cannot motivate people to go out and vote for someone they don’t have any faith in.

Many of the politicians running have become lazy and hope that riding Obama’s coat tails is all they need to do to win an election. WRONG!

Like you said Cats, if they want our votes they have to earn our votes.

So unless you get your candidate, you will stay home? That doesn’t even make sense in the context of your blog above!

sauer kraut – thank you for the link. This is not the first time that I have been disappointed in Holden’s vote. Along with several other committee people, I met with him a few years back and when we explained to him that the Military Commissions Act of 2006 removed habeas corpus, Tim Holden had a “deer in the headlights” expression as he told us that he didn’t read this Act before voting “yea”.

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