Berks County Elections

If The Voters Only Knew

That Nelson Long was planning on retiring in two years, the outcome from Tuesday’s election may have been different.

Among his plans for the office are straightening out problems in the tax claim office and streamlining the county tax collection system.

Retirement also is on his agenda in two years when he reaches age 72, Long said.

He was just re-elected into office as Treasurer for Berks County. What this means is that he is planning on being a “quitter”. Berks County residents better make sure that an independent audit is done before Long leaves office. After all, he still has some explaining to do to the tax payers regarding monies spent on furniture and trips and there still is that investement risk (derivatives and junk bonds) that tax payers should be concerned about.

Nelson Long… another dishonest Republican bringing “tricks” to the voters.

By Cats r Flyfishn

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