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Top Issues of the Values Voters Summit

The Values Voters Summit straw poll placed former governor, Mike Huckabee as the top choice for President in 2012.

Here is the list of the top four issues from this gathering of Conservatives:

  1. Abortion
  2. Protection of religious liberties
  3. Same-sex marriage
  4. Tax cuts.

It’s very interesting that these “values voters” are so concerned about protecting their rights and at the same time want to take away rights from others.  Religious freedom is already protected by the Constitution of the United States and 95% of Americans already received a tax cut.  According to the “values voters” , women that find themselves pregnant and for whatever personal reason discover that they cannot continue the pregnancy, their right to an abortion should be eliminated and the right to equality under the law should not be given to homosexuals.

What is it with these so called “values voters”?  They are so totally against anything that involves sex and yet, if it wasn’t for sex, they wouldn’t be here.  To them, nothing is more sinful than the sexual act.  Wish they would stop doing the sexual act so that there would be less of them.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “Top Issues of the Values Voters Summit”

Hilarious thought. The problem is that they also believe in that ‘be fruitful and multiply’ line.

Real ‘value voters’ could put those 4 items at the top of their list.
Abortion – support individual choice.
Protection of religious liberties – Freedom of religion and separation of church and state.
Same sex marriage – all marriages are created equal.
Tax cuts – ensure that those who can least afford it, pay the least amount of taxes.

A friend just showed me the comments to a June post. I’m featured! But it’s too late to respond! Next time I’m mentioned tell me, please. How am I going to change if I can’t follow up on your perceptive observations. In the meantime, I want you to memorize “The Abortion” by Anne Sexton. I got it from a prodeath blog like yours, “The Abortioneers.” They posted it because they thought it was a prodeath poem. Are all you kayhaitchers that stupid?

Not surprising that you are so upset by the June post regarding “sperm count” and birth control. That posting was all about men controlling female’s bodies. If you are so righteous, then why aren’t you spending your time and money and energy providing food, clothes, shelter and care to the babies AFTER they are born? Instead, you bitch slap women. Not much of a man, are you.

There are many people that believe that no one knows when the soul or spirit enters a human body. Nor do we know why a soul or spirit chooses a particular human body for this re-incarnation. These same people believe that every soul or spirit knows its future and that is why it chooses a particular human body and to interrupt the destiny of that soul or spirit would be wrongful.

So mind your own business. You want government out of your life then stay out of other people’s lives. Your comment just supports your hypocrisy. It’s freedom for you and to hell with everyone else.

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