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The Tea Party At Its…

The Teabaggers at their very worst.  They can’t handle dissent or disagreement.

This man with the brass balls has more courage than the Democrats in Congress.  It is sad that he needed police protection while he made his statement.

(h/t to Pacific John at Daily Kos)

Let me remind you… these people used public roads paid for by the government, were marching on public streets paid for by the government and discarded their trash for the government paid employees to pick up.  They use public services everyday and are too stupid to even realize or acknowledge it.  This is what under-education looks like.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “The Tea Party At Its…”

That is the issue they should be fixing the pot holes, the bridges, the damns and protecting us from enemies foreign and domestic.
It is bigger than Obama, it is the corruption on the hill, a symptom of their disease.

Don’t use the old excuse about the war costing $x.x, it would not be that much if somebody up on the hill wasn’t getting something from it. We could still do something with healthcare with a war going on.

They should not be partnering with Acorn, Red Cross, Faith Based Initiatives, Blue Cross, AIG, GM, etc.

Each and every special interest group on both sides and any pork barrel project serves to make it more difficult to have real healthcare reform.

How is that bait and switch Tarp working out from last year?

Obama just happens to be the current recipient of a population that can’t take anymore lies from our illustrious “leaders” in DC, he just happens to be there.

Don’t let those out-liers define what the movement is all about, the likes of the Lyndon LaRouche idiots, who are only looking for some place to be noticed.

Just fix the pot holes, please.

Let’s get a public option health care so that the Insurance companies can stop playing God by denying coverage. What irritates me the most is people paying high premiums every month and then they have their claims denied. Well, let’s starting denying the Insurance companies all the subsidies that they get.

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