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Happy Anniversary

The Keystone Progressive is now 1 year old.  Help celebrate by visiting this blog.  Among many of the great videos posted on YouTube, it was the MorrillMajority from the Keystone Progressive that captured the racism that was displayed by the McCain supporters in Johnstown, PA and the “monkey man” McCain supporter that was viewed many times on the msm including Keith Olberman’s show.

Link to the Keystone Progressive Blog here

And always keeping Pennsylvanians informed, the link to the Keystone Progressive home page here

And here is MorrillMajority’s latest YouTube.  This interview is with one of the lobbyist front group, “Patients First.  These people are phonies and the MorrillMajority shows it in this video.  Good job.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “Happy Anniversary”

“We already have a huge government. We can’t take it all away at once.”

Now that is revealing. So exactly where do these people that want to take away our government start? Will it be Medicare? Or Social Security? Perhaps all our interstates will become private and then bridges can collapse because the private companies can spend the government money anyway they want. They won’t need to spend the government money on keeping the interstates safe. They can give big bonuses to the CEOs instead.

Yeah, these people are greedy liars and are chomping at the bit for any opportunity to steal taxpayers money.

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