The GOP Inspired Death Panels

No, these are not government run death panels.  These are death panels that consist of money hungry relatives that want to avoid paying inheritance taxes.  It was Senator Grassley who created a “throw mamma from the train” incentive in the 2001 tax cut.  Yes, you heard me.  No wonder Senator Grassley so easily spoke about “pulling the plug on grandma.”  That’s exactly the incentive that the tax cuts of 2001 provide.  These inheritance tax breaks are set to expire in January 2011 and studies show that more elderly people die just after a tax cut or right before a tax increase.  Hummm… sounds suspicious to me.

But why would Republicans be trying to kill old people? After all, senior citizens are more likely to vote for the GOP than for Democrats. They were the only substantial demographic segment John McCain won in 2008. You’d think conservatives would want them to hang on as long as possible. The problem is that because of the Democratic programs Social Security and Medicare, the aged are expensive for government to keep around. The writer Jodie T. Allen once explained the reason for the GOP’s “pro-death” policies: faced with an unpalatable choice between cutting benefits and raising taxes to pay for the growing costs of entitlement programs, Republicans gravitated toward a third alternative—restraining growth in life expectancy. If you want lower taxes and aren’t willing to risk cutting spending, you need fewer beneficiaries.

READ the complete eye opening article from Newsweek here.

Get Real.  Like Jesus would ever own a gun and vote Republican.


3 thoughts on “The GOP Inspired Death Panels”

  1. “Get Real. Like Jesus would ever own a gun and vote Republican.”

    Exactly! Who would Jesus side with…..the CEO’s of the health insurance industry who made $10,000,000 in bonuses on top of their salaries or with the public option proposed by President Obama and the Democrats?

    We know the answer!

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