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The DNC Speaks The Truth To Mobs

This is speaking the truth to the borderline violent mobs that are instructed to disrupt town halls by the GOP.  These are the same crazies that yelled “kill him” during the campaign in 2008.  With so many States granting concealed weapons permits, I’m worried that it won’t be long until someone opens fire at one of these town halls.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “The DNC Speaks The Truth To Mobs”

Hi Cat’s. The only way this party can win anything is when they lie,cheat and steal. When that doesn’t work chances are good they will kill you. What they are doing now is so disgusting.

Hi Cats – I hope you’re enjoying your summer!!! It is oppressively hot in Florida.

The Republicans are preposterous. I thought that the 2008 campaign and election was bad – this seems somehow worst because when the Republicans should be working for the people right now and they choose not to. They are so terrified that Obama and the democrats are going to have successful programs that they have become even more blatant with their insanity.

They’re saying that healthcare reform will kill seniors???

Yesterday they used an Australian citizen’s birth certificate to make a fake birth certificate showing that Obama was born in Kenya (why didn’t they at least use a fake Kenyan birth certificate???) and then justified their madness to themselves by saying that since Secretary of State Clinton was in Kenya the same times as they produced the fake birth certificate, that was proof that Secretary Clinton was going to Kenya to cover up Obama’s real birth certificate.

These Republicans are INSANE – no doubt. They are certifiable. They are not even embarrassed by their lame “strategies”.

I am so upset because it is soooo obvious that they don’t care one bit about Americans in general. They only care about getting elected and keeping their jobs so that can do absolutely nothing for Americans.

They want to kill healthcare reform because if it passes they won’t have their ‘free money’ from the health care and insurance industries anymore.

The Republicans are vile.

P.S. The senatorial elections in PA are going to be ‘off the chain’ in 2010.

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