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The Death Of General Patton

Many years ago, I met a man that served in General Patton’s army. He spoke very highly of the General and he told me that Patton was a true inspiration to his troops, a genuine leader. The man’s story ended with Patton’s army waiting outside of Berlin. They were told that they could not enter Berlin until the Russians arrived. The orders were that the Russians would take Berlin. Patton’s army arrived first and spent several days just hanging around.

Just recently, I found this story…

In a new book published by military historian Robert Wilcox, World War II General George S. Patton was murdered by the CIA to cover up mistakes made during the Allied invasion of Europe.

Military Historian Robert Wilcox claims in a new book that World War Two General George S. Patton was murdered by CIA assassin Douglas Bazata to cover up the Allied forces mistakes that cost thousands of lives. According to Mr. Wilcox, the CIA caused his car to crash, which has caused his official death of a blood clot twelve days later; then, as he lied in his hospital bed in Germany, he was poisoned.

In Mr. Wilcox’s book, he believes that Gen. Patton was going to reveal devastating mistakes made by the Supreme Allied Command, which included the future Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower, “I don’t believe Eisenhower would ever have been elected president if Patton had lived to say the things he wanted to say.”

And it makes me wonder.

By Cats r Flyfishn

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