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Specter And The Insurance Money UPDATE

From project at Crooks and Liars…

Here is a list of elected people taking payoffs to cheat the American people and the amounts of bribes being taken. This is just from health care and insurance.
It is mind boggling to think how much these people are taking from others!
Arlen Specter (R-D- PA- $4,026,933)
Max Baucus (DLC- MT- $2,833,731)
Mitch McConnell (R-KY- $2,758,468)

And when you just go right to Big Insurance, the non-presidential candidates who got the biggest legalized bribes were the 7 senators who have been tasked with the job of killing single-payer:

Ben Nelson (DLC-NE- $1,196,799)
Max Baucus (DLC- MT- $1,184,113)
Joe Lieberman (DLC- CT- $1,036,302)
Arlen Specter (R-D- PA- $1,035,530)
Chuck Schumer (D-NY- $981,400)
Mitch McConnell (R-KY- $929,207)
Chuck Grassley (R-IA- $884,724)

There will be a health care rally in Washington, DC on June 25 starting at 11:30.  This is your chance to meet with Senator Specter and tell him how you feel about the public option for health care.

Now that Arlen Specter is a Democrat, let’s see if he chooses his constituents over the insurance industry.

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to the Rovian talking points.

By Cats r Flyfishn

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2 replies on “Specter And The Insurance Money UPDATE”

I dread what’s coming. The elected whores will put out again for the corporations. Gonna giv’em just what they want. A consortium of evil controls congress. It seems like torture is off the table now but many loose ends are going to be tied up when Rove & Miers come in to testify under oath. When was that supposed to be again?

I hate to have such a smart ass attitude but government flawed like this one is cannot and has not produced quality legislation. No Way!

The only way that this White House can clear our nation’s name when it comes to torture is to prosecute those responsible for these horrendous deeds. Last night, I caught a glimpse of a show on LINK TV and it was people talking about their experiences of being tortured. I don’t know what country they from, the looked Middle Eastern, but what they were saying sounded like they could have been at Guantanamo. I had to change the channel.

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