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Quarantine Fox

Strange that the very people that promote terror and murder will never accept responsibility for their words.  Of course, these promoters of terror and murder would never commit a direct act themselves and are very aware that there are crazy people in the world that will do their dirty work.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “Quarantine Fox”

I posted on this very thing this morning, along with some snippets from Frank Shaeffer’s post at HuffPo, and a video from Rachel Maddow.

What I want to know is what and when is the Federal govt going to do about the hate speech from these radical extremists on TV and radio.

I just don’t see this changing anytime soon guys. These bastards have way too much power. Have the dims done anything but enable the right to contiue the same old shit for the last 8 years and now with the “change” since the election it’s even worse in my opinion because they have power but do squat.

This was an incredible story from Keith. Since I am working so many hours, I no longer have the time to watch Countdown on a regular basis.

It’s one thing for these right wing hatemongers to work to divide this country. It is another to encourage violence. Fox News is an accessory to murder.

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