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Commentary- The Torture Issue… Is It Worth It?

So I’m torn… What is more imporatant, right and wrong… or health care reform???  Going after the war crimes of the past administration or fixing our economy???

These are some really tough issues to debate… Let me be clear…Torture is what happened and it was wrong and illiegal.  But we have an opportunity to do something about these huge issues… If we are baited into going after the crimes of the past I fear that the Republicans will use this is a rallying cry… and Cheney running around on TV, I think he is daring us… Remember Republicans are jerks and  misguided but they are not stupid… they like power and will do anything to get back into power… and this is their one chance to get it.  If they make us go through this, if they get us off track.  We may miss our chances… And they can vilify us for getting nothing done, openening the door for their return to power.  Just something to think about.

3 replies on “Commentary- The Torture Issue… Is It Worth It?”

President Obama was handed more crap than any president before him, except maybe Abe Lincoln. We need health care for every American. And we need to prosecute people that broke the law. It is right for our President to keep looking forward and keep developing a strategic plan for our nation. It is also right for the Congress and the Attorney General to investigate the Bush’s administration’s breaking of our laws. I don’t believe it is President Obama’s role to be investigating Bush and Cheney’s crimes. He can leave that up to Congress and the AG.

Healthcare for every American is already provided. No one ever is refused healthcare. In fact , non Americans have been a drain on the system. Also, there are so many social programs that are funded with public and private money. Insurance companies already support a lot of these soclal programs. Explain to me how you would pay for it?

Sounds like you have good health insurance, Mike. Many people are without health insurance either because they lost their job or they have a pre-existing condition. I will not deal directly with health insurance companies in my business. It takes 6 months to collect on a claim, if I am lucky. If my clients want to received reimbursement from their health insurer, then I will give them a receipt with the insurance codes.

Provide examples of the “social programs” that you are referring to because I am not aware of these “social programs” and how they help people without health insurance.

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