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Specter and Limbaugh

Every Pennsylvanian should be made aware of Senator Specter’s feelings towards Rush Limbaugh. He likes Rush. Read the details here

Some excepts from the article:

Howard Stern: Are you OK with Limbaugh? You like him?

Arlen Specter: Do I like Rush Limbaugh?

HS: Limbaugh, yeah

AS: Yeah, I like him

HS: You do…

AS: Yeah

HS: You met with him?

AS: Yes I have


HS: He’s a crackpot? He’s an enemy of the country.

AS: (laughing) Uh, no, he’s not. He’s expressing his opinion.

HS: Senator, wait a second. In all seriousness. He wants the president to do poorly? Listen, I never voted for Bush, but I always wanted to see him do well. I’m an American. I want my president to be successful. Who says ‘I don’t want my president to do well?’ That’s anti-American!

AS: Well I haven’t heard Rush Limbaugh say that. But there’s a lot of talk which is provocative.

HS: Yes

AS: There’s a lot of comment – you fellas, and I know this doesn’t apply to you Howard, probably doesn’t apply to Rush, but some of these talk show guys want to attract an audience. And the more provocative, the more audience, the more ratings, the more money.

What surprises me is that Senator Specter claims that he never heard Rush Limbaugh make the statement that he hopes that “Obama fails”. Rush has said this several times and most of the media has relayed this message to the public. Either Senator Specter is not paying attention to any of the media or he is a liar.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “Specter and Limbaugh”

“….claims that he never heard Rush Limbaugh make the statement that he hopes that “Obama fails”.”

Specter, like so many of the rightwingnuts, is in denial.

Of course, that’s because a Rethuglican could never do anything to damage the US like us liberals would. I bet he really thinks that all the things Bush were Constitutional, too.

Specter has his eye on the wrong target. He is so concerned with losing to Toomey. What Specter is missing is that IF he beats Toomey by continuing to spout this crap, he will lose what little moderate Republican support that is out there and he will lose the Democratic vote in the general election. If Specter was really cool and really smart, he would switch parties NOW instead of sucking up to the Limbaugh crowd. Specter thinks that he can have it both ways. It worked for him in the past. It won’t work this time. There is still a strong Obama movement in Pennsylvania and they are just chomping at the bit to work for another candidate and that won’t be Specter.

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