Don’t Let Them Do It

Big agriculture and factory farms are at it again. They never give up.

There is a bill in Congress, HR875, that is a threat to organic gardening. It could even put your small family plot at risk.

The original text of the bill can be viewed here….

Geezer Power, at Suzie-Q has more information and links along with a video.

Farmer Abuse:

(Did Monsanto “drop seed” on purpose? Does Monsanto own the judges?)

This is what the Monsanto Police do to the farmers in this nation and is brought to you by the Republicans and Bush. If Monsanto is allowed to continue with this food terrorism, we will return to feudalism.

(This video was filmed during the Bush Administration. Let’s make change happen during the Obama Administration.)

Whoever owns the food supply, rules the world.

Contact your Congressperson and tell them to vote “NO” on HR875.

5 replies on “Don’t Let Them Do It”

Monsanto got “fat” with the help of our government. They didn’t pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. They fed off of our government and other government teets.

Government and business working hand in hand is nothing more then Fascism.
Conservatism is nothing more then Fascism, Mussolini’s Fascism, pure and simple.
Once the conservatives and business get what they want…control of all markets, destroyed labor unions, control of the government….we will be returned to a feudal system of the have’s and the have not’s.

Farmers are their own worst enemy. They have always been in the drivers seat in respect to their destiny. The failure of not being able to organize is the downfall. Now some are coming together but in the video you see many give in as there are no other choices. Good post!

Yep, Corporate farming and corporate government share all the same connections. It is really sad to see their influence in our colleges and unversity’s, but it’s the same with the defence industry’s etc.

I agree with Black Elk.

Thanks for the mention…G:

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