Hey, Pennsylvanians…

Aren’t you glad we kicked Rick out of the Senate? As you can see, he is still as stupid as ever.

And now we can add “anti-American” to the long list of adjectives to describe Rick “man on dog” Santorum.


2 thoughts on “Hey, Pennsylvanians…”

  1. These CPACers are non-patriotic and non-American. Let’s hope the Republican Party gets completely behind Rush and the rest of the CPACers. As we all know, Ricky is washed up as a politician. He will never be re-elected to office in PA. Hey Viriginia, want Ricky?

  2. Santorum came off as bad as one can.
    He hopes they fail absolutely implies that he hopes this country fails.
    Did he say ‘I don’d know [if they’ll fail but] I hope they fail’?


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