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Is That Milk Really Organic?

Not only are corporations laying off their workers, Horizon milk will be canceling contracts with local dairy farmers. This will put many dairy farmers out of business. What happens to the cows when the farm closes? They either get sold or put down.

Pressure has been placed on PA state legislators to have the label changed on milk so that the consumer could not tell the difference between the milk that came from factory farms and the milk that came from farms where the cows were free roaming. When cows live in factory farms they are confined to a small area which is stressful to the animal. As the term “factory” indicates, these cows are forced to produce more milk. In order to do this, the cows must be given additional hormones and other chemicals which causes infections in their milk ducts thus producing pus in the milk.

Horizon will be building a huge factory farm in New Mexico. Orangeclouds115 at Daily Kos has more on this topic which I recommend reading. The details and pictures are all in the diary.

Some factory farm facts here and here

Whoever owns the food, will rule the world. Beware of Monsanto and Horizon.

(note: I am not a vegetarian and this article is not meant to promote a vegetarian diet. The purpose is to promote humane treatment of farm animals. Know the source for your food.)

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “Is That Milk Really Organic?”

Wow Cats – thanks for bringing this to our attention, it’s the first that I’m hearing of this.

I was just speaking to someone earlier about how many of the rich folks here in Palm Beach have lost their fortune and can no longer afford to take care of their horses. In the future we will probably have hundreds of horses that will be abandoned. What will happen to them.

Now you’ve mentioned the cows who might have to put under. This entire economic situation has a serious dominoe effect and we’re all going to hurt one way or another.

The fact that these companies are trying to hide how our food supply is produced is VERY troubling to me. This genetic engineering of food is not as same as they try to make us believe.

Genetically engineered products and farm raised salmon, fish, etc produce genetically enhanced bacteria and viruses that can cross over and contaminate our regular food supply. Because these products are genetically produced we don’t have antibiotics or other chemicals to stop them from invading our food supply so who the heck knows what we’re eating now. Look at what has happened to peanut butter???

Very serious. Very scary. Thanks for the info.

I make sure to tell everyone what is good and what is not.. I’m a animal lover here

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