Animal cruelty Pennsylvania

The Slob Hunters of Pennsylvania

Yesterday, February 14, 2009,  the Pike Sportsmen’s Club held another one of their animal cruelty events.  It was time for another one of those blood letting, cowardly pigeon shoots.

For the past couple of years, there has been legislation sitting in committee that would outlaw pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.  The NRA does not want this legislation to pass and the PA State Legislators are more beholding to the NRA than they are to their constituents.

These pigeon shoots are not only cruel to animals but they also are cruel to children.  The cowardly gun slingers are opposed to getting themselves dirty or bloody so they pay children to pick up the injured birds.  Notice that I wrote “injured” birds because these pigeons are not killed out right.  They are hit with birdshot and left to die on the field.

Watch this video, if you can stomach it.

Have information about a pigeon shoot?  Call 1-800-637-4124.

And then there are the “Turkey Shoots”.  Warning:  very graphic animal abuse.

Do something… contact your Legislator.  Let’s put a stop to this vile behavior.

Here’s a link and another link to Take Action.

More about pigeon shoots…. and link to….

I’m sure Dick Cheney would enjoy these “canned” bird killings.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

15 replies on “The Slob Hunters of Pennsylvania”

Thank you for posting this. This one is a no-brainer and there is no reason that any legislator should not support legislation to end live pigeon shoots. Legislators need to hear from constituents that animal cruelty is wrong and normal people who undertand that far outnumber this teeny band of abusers.

Zooey – If I head west from my house, the shortest route takes me past this rod and gun club and unfortunately, I traveled past it yesterday and witnessed this horrendous event.

Everyone – contact your PA state legislator. We need to put the full court press on this issue.

These guys are what give real hunters a bad name. If they are too lazy to go out in the woods and fields then at least use clay birds. Probably afraid they can’t hit something that isn’t half dead and landing in front of them. Bunch of wimps.

DF in PA – my sentiments, exactly.

Anna – I’ve contacted my State Legislator about this issue 2 years ago and I plan on contacting him again. I supplied a link in this article for readers to use. Last year, the “no more puppy mills” bill passed and I was hoping that the “no more pigeon shoot” bill would pass, too, but it didn’t. I will be pursuing this issue further.

This past fall, the Pike Sportsmen’s Club had a “Republican Rally” which was sponsored by the NRA. Fortunately, with the exception of one, all the Republican candidates at the rally lost the election. That means that I will need to pressure the Democrats in Harrisburg.

I’ve been an NRA member for 18 years, and I am an avid hunter, but these pigeon shoots disgust me. This isn’t wildlife management, and it certainly isn’t a traditional outdoor activity. Pigeon shoots are just slaughter for fun. This is a black eye for all outdoor sports. I doubt I will rejoin the NRA when my membership expires. I’m sick of them wasting their time defending the indefensible.

Thank you Dan, for your comment. You are right. This isn’t about hunting.

If a hunter needs target practice, there are clay targets that work extremely well. What the slob shooters at the sportsmen club are doing is animal abuse.

Unbelievable. I really don’t know what to say. This is not about hunting, I agree. It’s sick. Something out of Sarah Palin’s playbook.

I’m a hunter but these shoots make me sick. There’s no sport in shooting birds pretty much shaken out of a cage. These slob hunters need to clean up their act.

I’ve hunted before but its nothing like this. this isn’t any different than shooting a tame animal. why don’t we just buy doves at the pet store and shoot them? its just as fair. the people who do this are terrible.

I am surprised that the NRA supports this. Are you sure that they waste time and resources on defending this disgusting display of non-sportsmanship? I bet the membership would be disgusted at wasting its time and money when there are real threats to gun ownership.

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