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The President’s Weekly Address: 2-07-2009

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “The President’s Weekly Address: 2-07-2009”

The Republicans don’t want to see too much spending in the stimulus bill. Yet it’s only the spending that will help create jobs and stimulate the economy. And the banks are so tight at the moment, people can’t get credit, even ones who deserve it! I’m not for the big bailouts with no oversight, but let’s spend to at least create jobs in our infrastructure and in areas like developing and expanding renewable energy. I really feel the Republicans are clueless about any of this.

(by the way, Cats, hope you’re well. i’ve been busy. got laid off, have been developing other projects so have not been blogging much at all or visiting…. i did sign the petition you put on your blog to investigate bush/cheney crimes. thanks for including.)

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