Question: Should a Buy American Clause Be Part Of the Stimulus Plan

In the 1990’s, many jobs were lost in the USA due to manufacturing leaving this country and moving to countries that have cheap labor such as China and Indonesia. In the last 7 years, the job shift has moved to the “white collar” jobs which have been moving to India in an ever increasing speed, particularly computer work and customer service. About the only jobs left are in “retail” or self-employment.

Try buying items with the label “Made in the USA” and you will spend a great deal of time shopping around and will probably not find what you are looking for. Even clothes that are labeled “Made in the USA” are made in US territories in the South Pacific by women that were coerced by the promise of a better life only to end up living in crowded conditions behind fences and working in sweat shops.

The Obama stimulus plan and the one passed by the House includes a “use only American steel and iron products” clause which the Republicans want removed. Steel and iron are the only products that would fall under the “buy American” rule and even these products can have exceptions.

Should a “Buy American” clause remain as part of the Stimulus Plan? What are your thoughts?

Cats thoughts: We need jobs because without jobs there will be no spending. Tax breaks don’t create jobs and tax rebates don’t translate into increased spending. Only jobs will bring back the economy. ~Cats

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “Question: Should a Buy American Clause Be Part Of the Stimulus Plan”

Panasonic from HK, and a whole host of other countries are setting up companies in the US with the dollar so low. We’ll see a few jobs coming from overseas but with that comes the realization we are global as much as I want to “Buy American.”

Let’s see, it’s Reaganonics, tax breaks to the rich, that started this whole financial disaster.

Trickle down economics is a Republican pipe dream. It’s nothing more than a fantasy.

That Reaganomics lie is so old. “Tax breaks for the rich” is tired too. Come on folks. Who do you think pays most of our taxes that support all the social services you demand? Where do you get your economic information? Move.on? Soros? The current “disaster” was started by our very own Democrats and RINOs and CRA getting out of hand. My income is $20,000 a year and I was much richer under Bush than I’ll ever be under Obama’s socialism.

Norma – you are lying and anyone with half a brain knows that you are lying. The trickle down Reagan/Friedman economic plan is a failure and only idiots and fools believe in it. Obviously you have been getting your education from Fox the non-facts news channel and Rush the porkulus Limbaugh. If you still have a job, then you are one of the fortunate ones. If you are making only $20,000/yr, then you will benefit from President Obama’s tax relief plan. You would NOT have benefited from McCain’s tax relief plan because you would need to make at a minimum, $350,000.00/yr. With an income of $20,000/yr, you either work at WalMart or a fast food restaurant and probably don’t have an education past 11th grade.

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