President Barack Obama

President Barack H. Obama

I’m back from Washington DC and it’s time for the final posting.

Yes, we did!

In Washington DC on Tuesday, the joy and excitement were palpable. Despite the crowds and the disappointment of not being able to get into ticketed areas, people were happy. There were “big hugs” going on everywhere. It was as if America breathed a sigh of relief.  It was a great day to be an American.     🙂

Yes, we did!

President Barack H. Obama
President Barack H. Obama

President Obama’s Inauguration Speech, Part 1

President Obama’s Inauguration Speech, Part 2

Yes, We Did!

Link to pictures from Time.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

3 replies on “President Barack H. Obama”

The ‘tards are gearing up to smash any progress, because their dope addict pedophile mouthpiece told them to.

It’s a good thing we thinned them out. It’s a shame we didn’t thin them out even more.

Cats – what a GREAT experience it was to be at the Inauguration. I have been traveling for work most every week since the election so I have not had time to post but nothing was going to keep me from DC.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle and waking up early and walking and walking and walking – did I mention walking? I think I walked 7 miles on Monday and Tuesday. I even walked from DC to Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday since the Metro stations (subway) were closed on the outbound lines.

I couldn’t even call you since security put all cell phones including text messaging on a delay just in case some lunatic was going to try to activate a bomb using their cell phone as the trigger. I got VM and text 5 hours are they were sent on Tuesday!

I had ‘Silver’ tickets and they TRIED to stop us from getting to the area in front of the reflecting pool. Cats, once the announcer called Sasha and Malia’s name the people in the area I was standing (for 3 hours waiting and waiting) started shouting “Let us in, we have tickets, let us in!”. We would not stop!!! At about 11:40am the men in the front kicked down the barricades, stomped down the green plastic fences that were erected and started to run towards the area that was supposedly reserved for the silver ticket holders. The police stepped aside and let us go. There was no pushing no shoving, no one fell, no one got hurt, and there was no anger. People just wanted to get to where they were supposed to be so that we could see and hear President Obama.

As you said people greeted each other with hugs and good cheer. I got business cards from people from France, Italy, and the Philippines who came in just fro the Inauguration.

What joy! It was a great experience being in DC I’m sorry we didn’t get meet but I knew you were there and felt your energy.

I’m going to send you some photos to your email once I download everything.


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