Pennsylvanians Beware, Karl Rove is Coming to Our State

It looks like Arlen Specter is at it again.  Back in 1991, he attacked Anita Hill by attempting to make it appear that she was committing perjury when she testified that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her on the job.  I remember this very well and I remember she was questioned as to why she waited so long before making this claim of sexual harassment.  Even my husband questioned this gap in time.  It was then that I proceeded to tell him about my own experiences with sexual harassment at past jobs.  After hearing my stories, he was shocked and then he understood that it is difficult for a woman to speak up about this issue because way back then, the people in authority would not listen to the woman and would defend the perpetrator who was usually in a management position.

Now, Arlen is preparing for his run for re-election in 2010 and he is already using Karl Rove tactics in his attack on Eric Holder.  What the press isn’t talking about is Arlen Specter’s connection to Eric Holder.  They go way back, into the middle and late 1970’s.

Dengre has a must read diary at Daily Kos.  Arlen Specter is exposed for all his sleaziness.  The information in this diary is important because this is the truth that will need to be exposed about Arlen Specter during the 2010 election cycle.

Pennsylvania, especially Democrats and Independents, it is time to remove Specter and replace him with someone that has integrity and that places the good of Pennsylvania ahead of their own political career.


9 thoughts on “Pennsylvanians Beware, Karl Rove is Coming to Our State”

  1. Specter needs to join the growing list of Republican senators who are opting to retire than run in 2010. Things are so bad for the party that Jeb Bush decided against running for the opening senate seat.

    Cats, are there any good Democratic candidates that could pose a serious challenge to Specter?

  2. All these years, Specter won because he was able to get Democrats to vote for him. He was viewed as a Moderate. Times have changed and Specter has shown his love for the Bush criminals.

    We will find a good Democrat to fun against him. I’ve heard a few names tossed around but nothing set in stone.

  3. As you know, I’m an Obama fan.

    Holder has some dirt in his history. Which makes him fair game.

    But that’s no excuse for being Rovian.

  4. I’m sure all of you self described “political insiders” are employed in some capacity. Each day you go to your workplace and do your job. In seeing that the Senate Judiciary Committee goes through a thorough hearing and nomination process for Holder, Specter is simply doing HIS JOB.

    If you consult your constitution my friends, it states the Senate is responsible for oversight on all of the President’s nominations. Rather than passing Holder a free pass, Specter is questioning the obvious about a nominee. Holder will be confirmed, but not before the Senate fulfills it’s constitutional authority.

  5. Too bad that Specter didn’t do his job when he was questioning Alberto Gonzales. Instead of listening to a woman tell the Senate that Clarence Thomas was guilty of sexual harassment, he berated her instead. Things have changed for women since that time. Unfortunately, Specter didn’t.

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