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No Bids

My, oh, my… what is it with this media? The current topic to hit the big time is “no bid contracts” and it seems that the Democrats are the devils making these deals. Never mind that Bush and Cheney made no bid contracts that cost trillions of taxpayers money, not to mention both American and Iraqi lives lost. If a Republican does it, then that’s okay. If a Democrat does it, well, that’s big news.

  • On Sunday, we read about Governor Bill Richardson withdrawing his nomination for Secretary of Commerce because of a Grand Jury investigation regarding funds that his campaign received from CDR. The investigation centers around CDR receiving preferential treatment by the state of New Mexico in receiving contracts from the state. More from the Albuquerque Journal.
  • The plot thickens as ABC reports that the Obama campaign received from David Rubin, yes, the very person involved in the Richardson investigation. Oh, dear, where will this end?
  • Even our very own Governor Ed Rendell is being accused of a “pay-for-play” with David Rubin. Talking Points Memo has more on the story of this scandal.

Now this is serious stuff, folks. Don’t let these famous names scare you. Let’s do a body count… how many people died as a direct result of David Rubin’s contributions to campaigns? None, that I am aware of. Let’s visit the Bush/Cheney no-bids.

  • The Bush/Cheney Regime were working on a no bid contract with Iraq to steal purchase their oil back in June of 2008. Article from the NY Times.
  • Here’s a juicy story from CBS 60 Minutes. Seems like Cheney wanted to keep it “all in the family” BEFORE the US invaded Iraq by having the Pentagon award a no-bid worth $1.3 billion to Halliburton and its subsidy Brown and Root. Wonder if David Rubin is collecting this much from New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Rubin can forget getting anything back from the Obama campaign.
  • Now this story about a water deal from the San Francisco Chronicle may not sound like much, however, it did have an impact as it was just one more slap in the face of the Iraqi people. You see, the Iraqi people had lost their source of income when we bombed their businesses and then the Bush/Cheney Regime said, no work for the Iraqis unless they are working for American companies that received no bid contracts for very low wages. You figure this one out.

So what exactly is the body count from the Bush/Cheney no bid contracts? There are the thousands of Americans that have either lost their lives or been injured in Iraq and no one knows the true number of Iraqis that died or were injured. The Iraq war was all about OIL and Halliburton’s no bid contracts were the reward for contributing to the Bush/Cheney election.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

2 replies on “No Bids”

The media has looked the other way for 8 years and have decided to make up for it by going after Democrats.

I can see that we’re in for a fun 4 or 8 years.

Yeah, I got a feeling that the media will be focused on trivial nonsense for the next 4 years. My god, for 8 years our Constitution was trashed and the president and vice president are probably guilty of war crimes and the media turns the other way. It’s almost like a conspiracy by the media. Could the media be charged with being complicit with the Bush/Cheney crimes? It’s too sad because in 1787, our founding fathers were adamant about freedom of the press because they wanted the press to speak the truth to power and for the last 8 years, the press failed us. As a matter of fact, the press spread the lies spoken by Bush and Cheney instead of giving us the truth.

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