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If you don’t know the location of your polling place, then go to Barack Obama’s website by clicking on this link

If we are looking towards the future for this nation, then the choice is clear.  Only Obama/Biden have policies and plans to move our nation forward.

If we want to revisit the past and keep things just like they are, a failing economy and more wars, then vote McCain/Palin.  The McCain/Palin policies and plans will move our nation backwards.  John McCain is a backwards thinking person, trying to relive his life and Sarah Palin is a “Diva” who is only thinking about HER OWN FUTURE and not our nation’s future.  Oh, and by the way, Sarah Palin is a “Pinko”.  Read what she had to say a few weeks before her nomination to the VP spot.  Socialism is good for Alaska but not the rest of the nation.

Sarah Palin is Pretty in Pink
Sarah Palin is Pretty in Pink

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could use a little help with my health insurance premium and my business would benefit if more people had decent paying jobs and it’s about time that I get a tax break, just like Bush gave to the richest people in our nation and McCain plans to make permanent.  John McCain and Sarah Palin want to relive the Reagan years where my TAXES INCREASED and big corporations received my tax break.  Reminder… the Reagan years were the Union busting years and as a result, many workers have lost benefits.


Obama/Biden – benefit MIDDLE AMERICA

Let’s start moving our nation forward.  Vote Obama/Biden ’08.

And just for the fun of it… visit Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub for some laughs.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

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Found this quote on MSNBC and just had to share it…
People at McCain and Palin rallies often accuse Democrats of just wanting handouts. “A lot of people on the other side just want free money,” said Susan Emrich, at a McCain-Palin rally in Hershey on Tuesday. A real-estate agent, she wears a T-shirt that says, “I’m voting for Sarah Palin and that White Haired Dude.” Ms. Emrich would like to attend another rally later that day in nearby Shippensburg, but can’t. “I have to work,” she explains. “I’m a Republican.”

No, no, no… Susan Emrich has it all wrong. Democrats want JOBS… JOBS that pay a living wage. We don’t want “handouts”. This is the Reagan “Welfare mom with the Cadillac” lie which the Republicans just keep perpetuating.

Excellent post. We are days away and there is still more work to do. I am having a tough time understanding how the ludicrous socialist tag is working again. I can’t tell you the number of people I have had to address this with.

I win with 3 points.
1) McCain voted for the socialist corporate bailout.
2) Palin gave everyone in Alaska a check by taxing oil companies – very socialist.
3) If you’ve ever checked a book out of a library, you are a socialist.

my2bucks… how about adding these…
– if you ever needed help from the police or fireman, you are a socialist.
– if you collect Social Security, you are a socialist.
– if your children attend public school, you are a socialist.
– if you have public sewer and water, you are a socialist.

Great points, Cats.
Since I posted the earlier comment, I recieved an email from my friends wife in Atlanta along with 5 other people. It was called ‘Twas the night before election day’ and it was calling Obama a socialist.

I slammed back with facts essentially calling them too lazy to do research. I will be adding your items to my list.

Another one – if you drive on a paved road, you are a socialist.

I appeal to the people of Pennsylvania – the majority of you are middle class. Obama is on your side. McCain, Bush and such Republicans will only make the rich richer as they break the bank for the middle class. Literally. Just look to the last 8 years.

Pennsylvania, were you better off under Bill Clinton.

Vote Barack Obama!


THIS IS A GREAT POST! I’m going over to my site right now and do a new post and include this link.

Bruceblog also has great ideas. It’s good to be on the same side with such intelligent folks.

Kindest Regards,


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