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Sarah Palin – Energizing the Evangelicals

Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” group is joyful over John McCain’s choice for vice president, Sarah Palin. She is their dream come true.

Recently, a flyer was sent to Evangelicals that stated that if Barack Obama is elected president, then Armageddon would happen. What the flyer neglects to tell these Evangelicals is that Sarah Palin practices a religion that believes in the “End Times” and that she is hoping for the “Rapture” to happen in her lifetime. Her church in Wasilla, AK, teaches its followers to prepare for the final coming of Jesus and that Alaska is where they need to be for the Rapture. It’s coming soon, if they can help it.

Her minister says that she approaches people with respect… well… she certainly doesn’t show respect when she refuses to admonish hate speech at her rallies.

I don’t believe that Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs reflect those of most Christians. You see, Sarah Palin preaches hate as evidenced by her support of hate speech at her rallies. She smiles when someone in the crowd shouts “kill him” or “terrorist”. A true follower of Jesus Christ would have responded like Barack Obama did when people booed at the mention of John McCain’s name. Obama shook his head and said to the crowd, “Now we don’t need any of that here.” Sarah Palin preaches divisiveness by stating that there are only certain Americans that are proAmerica. Barack Obama speaks of unity by stating that we are all Americans and we all love our country.

Jesus brought us the Gospel of Love and taught us that we are all equal in the eyes of God and that we are all brothers and sisters. Real Christians don’t spread hate and prejudice. Listen to this video posted earlier today. Jesus never told his followers to kill someone nor did he approve of killing. Jesus said, “turn the other cheek” which is something that Barack Obama does all the time. No candidate has received so many hate filled threats as Barack Obama and yet he brushes this hatred off. He follows his Christian faith, something that all these racists and haters should learn to do.

I’m not afraid of having Barack Obama as our next President and Joe Biden as our next Vice President. What truly frightens me is “more wars, less jobs” John McCain as President and one 72 year old heartbeat away, “end times” Sarah Palin waiting in the wings.

For more about the teachings of Jesus, visit

PublicChristian or Matthew 25 Network

It will nourish your spirit.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

8 replies on “Sarah Palin – Energizing the Evangelicals”

This woman who is so narrow-minded thinks she’s going to become President in 2012. Not being very smart, she doesn’t understand she needs more than the radical Evangelicals to win anything. She also doesn’t seem to understand the GOP is in a meltdown and she is part of the reason.

She’ll be lucky if she gets re-elected Governor in 2 years. But by that time, she and her Rapturous group may have fortunately disappeared from God’s earth and we can rejoice that less fear and hatred will be spread in Jesus’ name.

Dear Lord,

Millions of people around this world are praying to their god — whether it’s Vishnu, Allah, Avalokiteshvara, Horus, Marduk, Loki, Shakyamuni Buddha, Green Tara — that Sarah Palin’s enemies win, for a variety of reasons.

And Lord, I pray that you will guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their God is bigger than you, if that happens.

Yours, in the heaven of the spectacle,

shimmy – very funny 😆

Bruce – if Sarah doesn’t get re-elected then she will lose any chance of becoming a viable candidate for the presidency in 2012. A politician needs to stay in the limelight otherwise then fade away. And she will be 48 years old in 2012 which makes her an “old woman” to Republicans. She’ll be losing her “sex appeal”.

Well Cats, the Evangelicals should LOVE Barack. Most of them can’t wait for Armageddon so that they can meet their creator – this is their chance!

Experience rapture – vote Barck Obama! 🙄

Shimmy – very funny! 😆

Paulette, that is the perfect slogan! I might have to make-up a blogpost based on that.

Cats, what do you make of this? I know McCain is fighting like hell to win PA, but the polls still show a solid lead there for Obama.

I left a comment on this site (probably will be deleted) saying, Polls show more Republicans voting for Obama than Democrats voting McCain.

Hi Bruce and Cats — there’s lots of murmurs around the blogs that McCain will win PA – I think that is bull.

I think his supporters are just hanging on to straws right now.

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