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Racism in Pottsville PA

You can always tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. The Republican is the one with the hate speech and the Democrat is the one with the hope speech. It almost looks like more Obama supporters at the rally than McCain supporters. These rally goers are shackled by fear and that is why they latched onto the hate filled lies about Obama. They have so little in their lives and this fear and hatred makes them feel alive. The one woman said “It’s my country, too.” Well, I have news for her. It’s my country, too, and we have had 8 years of her country and just look at the f**kin mess her president created. Wars that we cannot afford and a destroyed economy. McCain will not help these “guns and Jesus” people pay for their health insurance nor will he help them get jobs that pay a living wage. Instead, McCain will tax their health insurance and continue to support policies that send good paying jobs oversears. It really is sad for these people. This is what happens when people don’t receive a proper education. They feed their ignorance with hate and violence.

My choice? I choose HOPE over HATE.

Learn the truth about Barack Obama’s faith at Matthew 25.

(h/t thanks to MikeMorrill for the video. Good job, Mike)

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

13 replies on “Racism in Pottsville PA”

There are no good paying jobs in Pottsville, PA. The people in this video are either on Social Security, or unemployment or disability or work at the local “Big Box” store getting paid $6.00/hour. McCain will NOT be bringing jobs to Pottsville.

I would love to see jobs come to Pottsville, jobs that pay a living wage which is different from the minimum wage.

McCain has voted with Bush 90% of time. McCain wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy and nothing to people like me… middle class. McCain wants to tax my health care and will not provide a tax credit that will cover my loss in wages.

Barack Obama offers better health insurance options and a tax return for me and other middle class.

Obama supporters are so sad. Only way they can feel better about themselves is to tell outright lies about other people.

Look at your candidate and ask yourself if he respects the US Constitution. He has more than once described it as flawed. A document considered one of the greatest in the history of the world, and BO has the utter arrogance to find it lacking in some way. Fortunately, Mr Obama will never have the chance to distort it’s original intentions. President McCain and Vice President Palin will safeguard the US Constitution from liberal judges – who respect nothing other than their own pitiful agenda.

mac fan – McCain’s pal George W Bush said that the Constitution is nothing more than a “god damn piece of paper” and the Republicans, including John McCain, did everything in their power to shred our Constitution. How dare you come here and tell us that Obama doesn’t respect the Constitution of the United States. The racists and hate mongers have never read the Constitution of the United States. If they did, they wouldn’t encourage Americans to attack other Americans. They would know that we have equal rights.

Something that I learned about you hatemongers is that you transfer your own inadequacies onto others and never assume responsibility. You constantly blame others. Just look at McCain’s campaign? The rats are already abandoning ship and blaming each other for McCain’s failed campaign.

Stop putting your crap onto others and take a good look in the mirror. It is you, that believe the lies and not Obama supporters. I tire of you easily and I will no longer tolerate your ignorance.

Obama/Biden – 08, the choice is clear. Let’s put our country back in the hands of the common people. McCain and Palin want to keep our country in the hands of lobbyists and big corporations. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have an army of lobbyists working their campaigns.

I wonder if McCain truly understands the hate and ignorance that drives so many of his voters, and that in so many ways has come to personify the Republican party. Out with the hate rhetoric! In with Obama! Obama!! Obama!!!

The sad thing is i know who some of those hate mongers are and they really aren’t good people. Their bad traits reflect that of the republican party and thus we see how poor their campaign and values are. If john mccain and the republican party for that matter cared about their image that would encourage their supporters to act civil and not like wild dogs.
With that being said the simple fact that the Barack Obama signs are being stolen show you that those people are animals. We may not agree with the supporters of john mccain but at least we have the dignity to voice our opinion in a civil fashion.

Obama for the win… thank you for being civil 🙂 and for your comment. There is no reason for McCain/Palin supporters to nasty and hostile. As Barack Obama has said, “We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.”

I just want to say that you can show a small select group of people who are racist and that does mean that the majority of Republicans are racist. Unfortunately this election has a very strong racial undertone to it. To be fair to the nonracial Republicans such as myself, I think that it is utterly irresponsible for 97% of the black population to be voting for a candidate based on his color. Protection of the unborn and the so called “botched abortions”, the redistribution of wealth vs capitalism, the war on terror, and a candidates character should be the focus of a campaign. I commend Barack Obama for his work but feel that John McCain has the country’s best interest at heart.
I bet those Obama supporters would feel a little differently if they knew that in January he stated that he will bankrupt the coal industry. My ancestors worked their butts off and died in the coal region to help this country run. He does not understand the hard work and sacrifices made in those areas of our country. Instead of putting videos of these few ignorant people on the air, why don’t you go watch a few clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and tell me where the hatred lies.

Pottsville, PA, USA, makes international news again with its ugly racism and bigotry in the murder of a Mexican man, and their jury’s unconscionable decision to let the murderers go.

Imagine if this had happened to the likes of Obama, someone of color, who also dare not walk the streets of this racist region alone. But, because this is a poor immigrant with no voice, the murderers are let go.

On another site, it was asked whether this “even made national news.” It has made *international* news, and is one of many stories that make America look like a country of thuggish, poorly educated bigots, in spite of efforts to internationalize itself. How is it that people get off thinking they’re superior simply because of white skin? Truly mind boggling.

That this kind of brutality can happen in a supposedly advanced, industrialized nation is a huge blemish on the face of America. Places like Pottsville are looked upon as ignorant and ugly.

Get yourself educated, America. This is no longer a world nor a country ruled by white skin.

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