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Barack Obama – Chester, PA

This is true committment to the American people.  Today Barack Obama and 9000 supporters braved the elements at Widener University, Chester, PA.  The weather is very, very cold and wet and windy.  Today is the kind of day that makes a person want to crawl up in front of a wood stove.  It is bone chilling weather.  Yet, Barack Obama and his supporters stood out in the rain.  This is true grit.

Barack Obama looks really cold and so do the attendees.  Hope no one gets sick.

Transcript of today’s speech:

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

9 replies on “Barack Obama – Chester, PA”

His speeches keep getting better and better!

Whenever I hear him speak I feel energized and work even harder when I volunteer in the evenings.

He will inspire us (Americans) to greatness.

I was there. After missing so many rallies due to schedule, I was determined to attend the rally, and was one of the first 100-150 people in line around 5am. It was incredible. I left the rally soaked from a winter parka, two layers of clothing through my blue jeans and muddy socks. However, I will forever have a powerful story for my family (especially the young ones), and a picture I will cherish.

Dog G – Good for you. It was such a nasty day, what they call bone chillin’. Hope you had the opportunity to shake his hand. Obama is remarkable. We are so lucky. He truly is a once in a lifetime candidate.

Thanks for visiting Pennsylvania for Change. Stop back again.

I was there, too, and it was an amazing experience. I helped an older black woman to the handicapped section and we were chatting about the weather, and I said “Obama’s worth the wait!” and she said, quite seriously, “I’ve been waiting 65 years for Obama.” Sent chills up and down my spine.

I was there with my friend Elissa, too, and it was very, very cold, wet, and windy. It really was too cold to stand out there without a hat, but Obama did that anyway, and so did many people who went to hear him. It was too cold to stand still, but many people did exactly that, just so they could hear him. In the crowd, people were quietly listening while the rain and wind poured down on them. Sometimes it was so windy that the rain seemed to be coming down nearly horizontally, it was a biting, nasty storm. Yet, we all stood there together, united by a common purpose, to stand for change, a change that we can believe in, a future we can believe in–our community, our future. It was truly inspiring.

The rally ended early. As Obama said, I don’t want you to catch a cold and not be able to vote. Even through the bitter cold, he maintained his sense of humor, and his commitment to the goal. That’s what true leadership, which is what each of us is capable of, is all about.


It is truly inspiring to hear from people that attended this event.

Let’s all volunteer this weekend to get out the vote (GOTV).

Carol – your comment is awesome. Our nation has been waiting over 140 years for this moment.

This is a great post and awesome footage, but the university’s name is spelled wrong. It is Widener University, not Weidner University. Can you please correct the spelling to Widener University as soon as possible? Thank you so much!

P.S., The following are my personal beliefs; I am not speaking on behalf of Widener, only for myself: I was there and I was blown away by the experience. The enthusiasm and desire for change was palpable. The crowd was so positive and energized despite the truly awful weather. The feeling of hope and of believing that we were a part of history in the making just swept away the fear and frustration with our current government and bad situation. The people there were not apathetic and they were not negative. They were strong, positive, and determined. Obama was amazing, so inspiring, I just wished he had dressed a little warmer because we don’t want him to get sick!

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