Pennsylvanians Listen Up

When your driving around, you will notice that there are several McCain/Palin signs or just Palin signs on peoples lawns.  Where are all the Obama signs?  Well, if you don’t have the Obama/Biden sign nailed to a fence or tree or close to your house, a Republican will steal it.  For some strange reason, these Republicans think that if an Obama/Biden sign isn’t present, people won’t vote for Obama.  Stupid fools.  What the Republicans aren’t telling you is that the McCain/Palin signs were handed out to all the Republicans that promised to vote for McCain/Palin.  All the other houses without signs are voting for Obama/Biden and the number of houses without signs far exceeds the number of houses with McCain/Palin signs.


Volunteer or donate or do both, help get out the vote on November 4, 2008.  The Obama campaign is really the people’s campaign.

Get up, get moving.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

8 replies on “Pennsylvanians Listen Up”

Republicans like to steal things. Like the opponent’s signs. And elections. They stole the last 2 presidential elections.

It’s time for the Republicans to be knocked on their ass for their slimeball behavior. And McCain and Palin are at the top of that list.

I am convinced – Cats are really smart! 🙂

Cats – the same thing is happening in my area of Florida. There are no Obama signs – not even where you see groups of signs for McCain, senators and other different candidates.

Is it because no one in Palm Beach is voting for Obama? No it’s because republicans are stealing the signs! It’s ridiculous!

Why are repubs so scared?

No one is stealing McCain signs! I guess dems aren’t scared… 😉

Absentee or EARLY Vote – EVERY Vote Counts!
go to:

Obama/Biden 08!

The Dems don’t steal signs because they have ethics. They don’t steal elections because they have ethics. I guess to be “pro-America” you have to lie, cheat, steal and smear.

On Hardball today Matthews was interviewing Rendell and Matthews mentioned driving through somewhere in PA and not seeing any Obama signs. I screamed at the TV: because the MoFos are stealing all the signs! Talk to Cats, she knows!

On another note, are Cats PA and Paulette FL going to go at it over the World Series? 🙂

Just run a clean campaign you two.

Sorry, but this is just silly. Do you have proof? Without it, your blogpost is not factual, but just opinion, and a seemingly uninformed one at that.

In Florida, I do see Obama signs, but what I find sad is that the signs state “Change”, and you don’t even see Obama or Biden’s name on them. How pathetic that the candidate won’t even put his name on his signs in the area in which I live. And yes, just a bit south of here in the St. Petersburg area, Obama’s name is prominently displayed on his signs.

I am a lifelong Democrat for McCain/Palin!

nomobama – you are right. I can’t prove who is stealing signs because if I could I would have had them arrested for theft.

And there isn’t anything like a Democrat for McCain/Palin. Any Democrat that supports McCain/Palin is really a DINO and should just drop out of the party and either become a Republican because that is the party that really suits their politics or become an independent. There is a distinct difference between the platforms for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. If you don’t support Obama/Biden, then you don’t support the Democratic Party’s platform. Just switch parties. Obviously the Republican Party better suits your politics.

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