The Identity of Cats Revealed!

After the Jump!

The Minchy’s, the Cats’, and about 40 other awesome volunteers had an fantastic time participating in Boyertown’s Halloween Parade on Saturday. Here are the pics and video to prove it!

Our very own Cats dressed like the ass that she is!

Cats in action!

Bob even joined in on the fun!Photobucket

A quick video of our group (The whole parade felt like it was over in 2 mins)


6 thoughts on “The Identity of Cats Revealed!”

  1. Cats revealed!!!

    Oh me oh my – what an ass you are Cats!

    I liked the way you whooped the little bitty elephant.

    Love it, love it, and love it! 😆

    Was that your idea?

  2. It was not her idea. All credit goes to the Kutztown Democratic Club for putting the float together. Cats answered the casting call for an animated ass. She was great. Nov. 4th the rest of the elephants get roasted. Go get your skewers.

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