Racism Videos

The Johnstown Racist

From MorrillMajority

Pssst… make this video viral.  This man needs to be nominated as “Worst Persons” by Keith Olberman.  You betcha.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

5 replies on “The Johnstown Racist”

What a prostate challenged ass!

So this idiot believes that the fundamentals of America’s economy is so sound that we have time to wallow in small-minded rubbish like racism, bigotry and intolerance?

How does that help America get back on her feet? What a waste of a brain – someone please take away his oxygen!

I love how these people paint themselves as “patriotic Americans’. Land of the free, home of the brave? As long as America is white.

Racism is un-Amercan. These people are un-American because they hold such beliefs.

These people are un-patriotic. I was at a Unity Walk today in the town closest to me. The walk started 5 years ago after someone burned a cross by someone’s mailbox. We won’t tolerate this behavior. The KKK used to be active here. They have since dispersed but as you can see in this rally, the racist, supremest are still around.

This guy is pathetic. The intolerant and ignorant are the only people left in McCain’s camp.

But, then again, I’m intolerant too. Intolerant of @ssholes like that.

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