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Would John McCain Lie To You?

From ProfMTH

When it comes to his self-confessed ignorance of economics and statements he’s made about taxes, the answer is “yes, he lies quite regularly.” In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to know when he’s telling the truth.


Piece on John McCain from “The Wall Street Journal” that is quoted in the video:…

John McCain saying he doesn’t know where the above-referenced quotation comes from:…

Clips from “The Real John McCain”:…

Roger Simon’s brilliantly scathing piece on entitled “Why the Media Should Apologize”:…

Fox News pointing out that under Governor Sarah Palin, Alaska sought and obtained more federal money for pork barrel projects per capita than any other state in the union, and that it was the Democratic Congress that killed the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere”, not Governor Palin who refused it:……

When *even* Fox News is calling John McCain a liar, you gotta know things are bad for McCain:…

For those interested in the very latest polling data, including the most important thing in an American presidential election — the state of the Electoral College map — the following site can’t be beat:

By Cats r Flyfishn

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4 replies on “Would John McCain Lie To You?”

The Electoral Maps are blowing my mind. FL and OH both trending toward Obama. Virginia on many maps is leaning Obama. And now West Virginia is possibly moving to a toss-up state? Whoa. Never thought I’d see that.

If Obama were white, this would be over. He’d have a 15-20 point lead. He could go home and take the next 3 weeks off.

But because he’s not, we have to fight to the finish.

Obamma will lose. The bradley effect WILL come into play.
THIS is the democrats worst nightmare. The democrats know ,I know,the republicans know and so do all the Blacks..And for those that don`t know what the bradley effect is,I`ll tell you in a few simple words.It means that the RACE game is still to be played.all those democratic states that are always democratic,are taken for granted,except when the RACE issue comes in.Obamma and his party will lose some of these states and they know it.Thats why they are campaining in them.So, watch the colors change from blue to red on election night . Good luck to both Parties.

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