The Bush McCain Tax Plan



4 thoughts on “The Bush McCain Tax Plan”

  1. McCain is not President Bush and it will not be a third term of the same. I love how everyone wants to blame the President for everything but no one acknowledges that he has a congress that has a democrat majority that will not, refuses, to work with him. No wonder he can’t get anything done. And the democrats, not President Bush, are responsible for all of this economic crisis. I’ve read the records about how the democrats wouldn’t do anything about this problem when it was predicted years ago.

  2. 25 yr old… turn off Fox News. Where have you been for the past 8 years? Oh, that’s right, you are too young to remember. Sorry, 2 years of a Congress that passes bills in the House, that get hung up in the non-filibuster proof Senate and that get vetoed by Bush. I would not blame this mess on the Democrats. Sorry, the Republicans are obstructionists and Bush will only sign bills that he designs. Bush lost his Congress in 2006. The voters had enough of Bush’s Empire and that’s why they voted for Democrats in 2006. Thank God Bush couldn’t do any more damage. He’s worked hard at destroying our Constitution. You might be interested in reading the Constitution because by your statements you obviously don’t understand it.

    Here’s a link for you.

    A failed economy is Bush’s legacy. John McCain offers more of the same.

    ABTW – you did a good job practicing your talking points. Too bad you lose this argument.

  3. 25 yr old… yeah this mess started years ago by Mr. Deregulation himself… St. Ronald Reagan.

    Frankly speaking, I’m tired of all you Bush apologists. You have done nothing to better to this nation. You voted for the worst President ever, twice.

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