Silently, on little cat feet

This is the speech that made Repubicans cry.

And this is why the bill didn’t get support from Democrats


2 thoughts on “Silently, on little cat feet”

  1. Pelosi should not have said it, but then for them to use it as an excuse? Didn’t wash, along with all their other tricks and gimmicks. Even Republican commentators on cable news shows said gimme a break. Apparently the truth of the matter is that House Republicans were not working on getting the votes. They were hoping the Dems passed it without them and then they could blame the Dems for the bill…. Ooops, backfired.

    And backfired on their own candidate Punk McNasty. Wasn’t it mind-boggling how McCain “suspended his campaign” to rush back to Washington (not. Letterman caught him on that lie), then said nothing in the meeting with Bush and others, then miraculously could debate, then tried to claim credit for the bailout by bringing on board the Republicans, but when it failed in the House blamed Obama, and even BEFORE the vote had leaked that he himself may not be present for it when the Senate votes on it! (Trying to play things both ways?). This behavior reminds me of the manipulative sick behavior of a serious co-dependent & addict. It’s designed to make you think you’re crazy and they’re the sane one.

    I think something may be eating away at McCain’s brain. Maybe he’s got Palin contamination.

  2. I think the language that Pelosi used is typical Congressional talk. They are always pointing fingers at each other so this is nothing new. It’s typical Republican behavior. They never accept responsibility and they always blame others.

    And the real McCain is raising his head and showing the nation that he is a nasty person who has no impulse control and who has a strong need to dominate even at the expense of others.

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