Harvard Law Classmate Describes Barack Obama – UPDATE


Read some more about Obama at Harvard. And McCain wants us to believe that Palin has more experience and knowledge. HA!

When you come to think about, Obama has more education than McCain.


2 thoughts on “Harvard Law Classmate Describes Barack Obama – UPDATE”

  1. Impressive video – I definitely want a President who is way smarter than me.

    I’ve read up on Obama’s leadership skills at Harvard and they are impeccable. He was sought out by his peers for his knowledge and good judgment.

  2. Great video. I heard recently from someone that he had read about some Harvard Law Students who were Republican, saying that Obama really listened to everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike. This man said reading about how other such students regarded Obama helped turn him toward voting for Obama – because perhaps Obama really could be someone to work in a bipartisan way. I thought that was cool. I’ll try to find that article for you.

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