The Brown Shirts Are Back

Okay, how many people have had their Obama signs stolen? Raise your hands.

The brown shirts are back. They can’t stand “Freedom of speech” so they steal signs. Do they really think that stealing an Obama sign is going to change how someone votes? How ignorant can they be?

Last night, someone stole our Obama sign off our property, again. The sign was placed between two other local candidates and these signs are still standing. It was only the Obama sign that was missing. Stealing signs is illegal.

If someone steals your sign, you should call the police and report the theft. What happens then is if someone is caught stealing an Obama sign, they will then be charged with stealing all the other missing Obama signs that were reported to the police.

I have 100 other Obama/Biden signs on order and I will keep putting up signs only this time, the camera will be on and we will catch the thief.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “The Brown Shirts Are Back”

Cats, it’s disgusting.

You should post the Daily Kos thing you sent me where Rethugs are gassing Muslims in Ohio. Now that’s scary. Fascist.

Cats it is IGNORANT!!!

In Palm Beach FLORIDA the Obama offices aren’t even selling yard signs because they know they will be stolen. Frigging crazy.

These idiots want freedom to express their vile words and actions but they don’t want others to express their choices and freedoms peacefully.

I agree with Bruce, you should post about the gassing in Ohio.

I understand that we all entitled to have different opinions and beliefs but where is all this hate coming from? 👿

I live Northwestern Chester County PA and my Obama signs are missing as well. I’m thinking of putting new ones out that are sprayed with fox urine or some other disgusting substance. At least it will stink up their car.

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