What NOT to wear on Election Day – UPDATE

If you planned to proudly wear your Obama t-shirt or buttons to the polls please read the following.

The Steve Harvey Show made a public service announcement today: “Please do not wear any Obama paraphernalia, such as buttons, shirts, hats, etc., to the polls on Election Day.”

If it is visible, you CAN and WILL be turned away because wearing anything that supports a candidate is prohibited inside of the polling place. Because this election is so critical, they will do any and everything to turn us away if they can.  You will be asked to remove items before signing in to vote.

Yes, we are proud, very proud! Let’s prove that by showing up and voting for our candidate, but leave the buttons and t-shirts in the car or at home.

Please pass this on. We do not want to give them a platform to turn voters away.

(Thanks to Paulette at Let Us Talk for sharing this message)


I received an email stating that the above information is not accurate.  To be on the safe side, avoid wearing tee shirts with candidates names on it unless you can cover it with a jacket or sweater.  If you are wearing a button or hat, you can easily remove it.  You won’t be turned away, you will be asked to remove the item.  In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to bring in candidate literature with you inside the polls.

For more details, visit this link (PA Voters ONLY).

When in doubt, contact your local Board of Elections.

The Bruce Blog has many different links to other resources.

(Special thank you to Rachel Steward and her friends from Reading High School for making this great video.)

By Cats r Flyfishn

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6 replies on “What NOT to wear on Election Day – UPDATE”

OK, I do understand that… It could change ppl’s mind’s if there that shallow right? When you go to the poll’s you should already KNOW whom your voting for right? If NOT, and you don’t know whom your voting for your in trouble, or should I say we the ppl are in trouble… Hell, fight’s could start right? til l8er

Actually, the voting law states that no candidate literature is to be present in the voting area. You can stand outside with buttons and badges and hand information out to voters. You just can’t go inside. When I work the polls and if I need to go inside for a break, I have to take off my buttons.

Usually people know who they are voting for up-ticket. It’s the down-ticket that people need education about.

I removed my 2004 Kerry – Edwards button before entering the precinct 4 years ago because I thought something might happen to my vote. After all, I live in Florida and we were voting into black boxes.

This is very smart because it makes disenfranchisement more difficult if they can’t identify which candidate you support.

Thanks for posting this.

ALL READERS… please be aware that the link provided above by “Supervisor” is to a New Zealand website and rules are as they apply to elections in New Zealand.

Here in the US, you may campaign on election. You may hand out literature as long as you are 10 feet from the door and you may not block the door. Any literature must be from the candidate. If you have palm cards, they can only have the candidates names and office that they are running for and quotations from the candidates literature.

When going into vote, you must remove or cover all candidates buttons or hat. If you are wearing a shirt with the candidate’s name, then you must cover this shirt with a jacket. NO ADVERTISING INSIDE. You may bring in candidate literature to use as a reference when voting.

Cats, thanks for posting this. I will clarify on my blog as well.


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