More reason to be concerned

Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. It will metastasize to the brain, that means the cancers cell spread to the brain causing dementia and eventually death.


4 thoughts on “More reason to be concerned”

  1. Don’t be so fearful. My daughter-in-law had Melanoma a more then a decade and she is doing just fine. People can live long healthy lives as Cancer survivors; look at Lance Armstrong (could you compete as a professional athlete like Armstrong does). As a Skin Cancer Survivor (or any other Cancer too), you just have to have regular check ups with the dermatologist.

    As a matter of fact many of these folks may just out live you!!!

    So why don’t you find something that is real to share and focus on instead of all this bogus paranoia.

    Thank you for posting my comment; even though I know you disagree on this issue.


  2. Carlyin – thanks for stopping by and commenting. There is a difference between your daughter-in-law and McCain. McCain is old and probably a lot older than your daughter-in-law and he has other health problems. If the melanoma is stage 1, then survival is excellent. McCain had a stage 2 melanoma removed. This decreases his chance of survival past 10 years and this stage 2 was removed 6 years ago. As I stated. McCain is old. I’m sure your daughter-in-law is not 72.

    You may not be concerned about McCain’s health and his ability to remain alive and healthy for 4 years in the White House but I am. Perhaps if McCain released his health records, many of us wouldn’t be so concerned. We have a right to know.

  3. Personally, I am concerned about McCain’s health and the fact he refuses to release his medical information. What does he have to hide?

    And we also should be concerned because if McCain’s health fails, we’d be left with Palin. As many Alaskans even say, she’s “Bush in a skirt.”

    We need a progressive leader focused on the future, not someone who is so unqualified she is STILL talking about the proximity of Russia to Alaska as her foreign policy expertise!

  4. Cats, thanks for your comment on my blog. Here’s my response in case you don’t get back to it:

    “I’m a spiritual person and I strongly believe in the separation of church-and-state. Any conscious person does.

    This pastor and this church think that if you put an evangelical Christian in a place of power, you naturally will assure a more moral and ethical outcome?

    How naive is that?

    The evidence now, as we all know with Bush, is that that theory does not hold up.

    There’s no deductive or even rational spiritual thinking in that ideology.

    How about putting people into power, whatever their “religious” beliefs, who will seek to serve the whole, seek to lead and govern with fair-mindedness?

    Enough with religion. Let’s empower common sense by God!”

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