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McCain’s Bailout Plan – Update

The Republicans and John McCain floated a new bailout plan that provides more corporate tax breaks and less regulation. This is isn’t change. This is more of the same.

After all the shenanigans and politics that happened today, I’m beginning to think that there really isn’t a crises that needs emergency care. If the US economy was in such dire straights, there would have been an agreement this afternoon. Instead, all the bi-partisan work over the last 3 days just went up in smoke. And he was holding the gun? None other than the “Maverick”, John McCain, the gambler that wants to gamble with the America’s future.

The alternative plan that John McCain presented is proof that McCain is completely influenced by corporate lobbyist. He sold his soul and now the devils have come to collect.

Shame on McCain.


Read what a veteran has to say about John McCain…from testvet6778 at Daily Kos.

John McCain, always the liar.  I’m not sure who lies the most.  Is it George W Bush or John S McCain?  I haven’t heard the truth from McCain at all during his campaign.  This makes me question the validity of his POW experience.

John McCain voted to impeach Clinton for lying and yet he wants us to vote for him and ignore the fact that he lies.

By Cats r Flyfishn

Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

4 replies on “McCain’s Bailout Plan – Update”

Today was absolutely amazing. McCain took 22 hours to get to Washington from New York after he told Letterman that he had to rush back.
Then to ride in and blow the deal because of politics is disgraceful.
His actions over the last 24 hours should immediately disqualify him for the presidency.
Country first – my ass.

It’s a 3 hour express train ride from New York to Washington and it took McCain 22 hours… He caused a disruption to delicate negotiations and as a result, he further jeopardized the safety of our economy. McCain is impulsive like a little child. My 2 year old grandson has better impulse control than McCain.

John S McCain is NOT fit to be president. He has no leadership skills. A ‘maverick’ is not a leader. It’s someone that takes chances and gambles. Bush is impulsive and gambled away all of our national security along with our nation’s finances. We don’t need another gambler in the White House. We need someone with solid footing like Barack Obama.

John McCain wants the banking system to fail. That would make the poor even poorer, while the wealthy who are protected by being able to move their money overseas are protected. People like McCain despise middle and working class people with aspirations, and allowing them to be bankrupted by greedy, lying corporate robber-barons will further enslave the rest of us.

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